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Resolution problems

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Hi im planning to install dahua system with nvr 4208-p-4ks2 and 4mp cameras.

I saw tha the nvr supports resolution 3840x2160 ,1920x1080 and so on.

The cameras are 2688x1520 .

The nvr can support this resolution? And the monitor resolution max is the same as the cameras.

The nvr has no other option for this resolution of the cameras? Or i had to go with 1920x1080 so the 4mp camera set to 2mp?

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The recorder will support 4mp cameras. The resolutions the cameras can be and the monitor can be set to are completely separate. E.g. you could have 4mp cameras on a 1080p screen. In this case you would not get the full benefit of the 4mp cameras as the screen cannot display at 4mp but if you were to digitally zoom in on the image you would be able to go further than if the camera was at 1080p before getting pixilation.  

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