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No alert for Push notification for UNIVIEW NVR

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Hi All,

Uniview NVR and iPhone 7

Trying to set up Push Notification to alert my phone when motion is detected on one of my cameras.

I am having trouble getting the Push Notification to alert my iPhone when it receives an alert.

I have the settings on the NVR set up the way the Uniview tech told me to.

I have the I phone settings setup to allow notifications for the EZ View app on my phone.

I have the EZ View app setup to allow notifications when camera number 5 detects motion.

When motion is detected on camera number 5 I do get an alert message on the EZ View I phone app but it does not buzz or show up on my screen.

The only way that I know that camera number 5 detected motion is to go into my EZ View app and look myself.

It shows the movement on camera number 5. I can replay the detected video file.

The uniview tech is not sure why this is not working.

I stopped in his shop last week and we put all of my information into his I phone and it did the same thing. No alert that there was motion detection.

Has anyone had this problem with Push Notification using Uniview NVR and EZ View app?



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I has this issue at a clients property. 

When you go into your settings on the iPhone - Go into EZ View, and double check that "Allow Notifications" are turned on. Next, ensure that "lock screen, notification centre and banners are all pressed". Also enable sounds and badges. 

Now, on the NVR, go into Alarm and check the settings in there. 

Do you get the notifications from the other cameras? 

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