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samsung cameras dead pixels / dark spots

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Hello everyone,

I recently got 15 Samsung SDC-7340BCN cameras. A family member used these cameras at a workshop for about 5 years.

While testing the cameras I saw that some of them have a bunch of "dead pixels" or black dots covering the image. It looks like TV static except the black dots don't move. After testing all of them, 11 out of the 15 cameras had this issue, with some worse than others. I uploaded two pictures showing this issue - in one picture the camera is facing a white wall, in the other its facing a desk. As you can see, the dead spots render the cameras completely useless. I tested the DVR, BNC cable, and power supply with a known good camera they all work just fine.

Has anybody seen this before? It looks to me like the image sensors are going out on these cameras but it could be something else. What I don't understand is why so many of these cameras failed in the exact same way - 11 out of 15! What are your thoughts? Is it fixable? (I doubt it but its worth a shot)



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Hi. Dead pixels would not show like that and is something that does not happen. Having 11 cameras out of 15 is also a indication that it’s not dead pixels 


there is only two reasons to have images like yours and it’s an easy fix

first one is a common fault when you remove and install a system .... and I’m 95% this is your problem

on standard analog you also have on each camera a regional setting.    NTCS or PAL

You will see these settings under camera settings 

NTCS = America 

PAL = Uk/ Europe 


second is in image settings which is called either Denoise or wide dynamic 

both of which if set to high will give you the same image as yours .... but unlikely to be on a analog system

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