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DVR System OS and Firmware

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I need help with my Sannce NVR System. I wan to get on the operating system (guess Linux based).

Is there a way to open a Service Port like SSH to get on it. Port 80 is the only open Port for HTTP.

Why i want that, i would liek to hack the amount of Cameras from 4 Channel to 6 or 8!

The Protocoll Standart is N1, what does that mean. I have managed to add a ONIVF cam by deleting one, but that camera is not getting Recorded, why?

There are somany Parameters i cant get my head around it.

Or is there a way to upload a diffrend OS on the NVR even by a serial connection like i do with Arduino and Wemos Boards?

Thank you,



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Hi. It is not just about software you would also need to alter hardware 


it would be pointless trying to do what you want to do


NVRs are the cheapest part of a system now just buy a new 8 way

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I need to learn how to hack my sannce dvr failing network test saying wrong dns which it is not as i  get cloud access also it annoyingly resets to old settings anytime it reboot which is alot if i dont keep connect to cloud via xmeye!!! Its a nightmare......no more so called cheap chinese models for me ever again!!!....gues i better get saving eh??

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