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Lift control to have an access control system with a intercom system

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We have a Exos Kaba access control system to allow swipe to work specific level however we also have an intercom system we would like that to allow the level to be unlocked for a certain amount of time. The Kaba Exos system can not allow a 3rd party to come in aswell. Any suggestions on how we can get this to work?


Thank you 

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Hi. We have done a lot of work with lift companies over the years 


your problem is going to be running two systems together which is never good 

also the fire safety of the system would have to control both systems  all of which is going to cost a lot and also your access control company might not allow it and could validate any insurance


but you could also be over thinking things 

people who need to access more floors that there access card allows would be better also carrying a override key

asking your access company to install a override key on the lifts keyboard to swap from access control to lifts own keyboard control  ( you may find it already has one)


but always involve lift company and 3rd party could be costly 



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