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Help recovering files from dead dvr

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Hello I've got a few old dvrs that were damaged and no longer functional however the HDDS still work and I can access them with an unbuntu boot however the HDD is split into 4 80gig partitions and the files are all .box 

Bfs. And .bes files in sets of 3 IE 00006.BES 00006.BFS 00006.BOX 

Thanks in advance




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Hi. Pc based unit 

you will need to know the make of the unit to find the playback software or try looking for it in the partition       partition 1 usuall called master (but should be on its own drive) in your case it’s not.    Partition 2&3 is usually data and 4 is burn path rout to DVD burner 

either in master or partition 4 you should see a file called player exe. ...... it is inserted onto every dvd with footage

if you can find this file extract it and load onto pc and direct its path to see partition 2&3 on hard drive

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What format are the videos usually?  Can't he just buy an IDE enclosure, plug it into a computer and browse for the video files?

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