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Hi guys

I am looking at a CCTV mobile unit which has an Indigovision system running 2 x MIC 400 (they may even be 300's) cameras from a server and 2 x workstations. The computers have all been scrapped and I'm trying to just get the cameras up and running on a simple camera/keyboard basis. First, I have tried using the Indigovision keyboard. The telemetry connection at that end is an RJ11 connector marked RS232 and I have hard wired the other end into the MIC control unit using the A and B rx terminals. Protocol is Pelco P, baudrate 9600. And I get no response. 

I then tried another keyboard which has an RS484 output but still no camera control. 

I even tried connecting the MIC control telemetry to a RS484 output from a DVR but still no joy.

I'm clearly missing something obvious here - it should be so easy. Any suggestions?




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Hi. It’s been a few years since anyone has been on the forum over a metal Micky camera 


what is the history of the camera and how are you going to be using it now. 

but looking at your picture…… you need to start at the basics ….. at the moment you have the heater and wiper command wires in place …… remove everything and just have the power and coax connected forget the rest till you have it working 

mouse control was usually setup via a moxa unit …. Then you can access camera menu via USB port on a pc or laptop assigned to com port 2

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Connect the RS232 cable from the keyboard to the server running IndigoVision Control Center.

Then in Control Center, under the Setup tab click Tools, Options, CCTV Keyboard. Enable the option box, select the COM port which the server assigned (usually COM1) and keyboard type (usually IndigoVision Surveillance).

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