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Royal T

Rg59 vs Cat6 across power lines

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Hi I am about to purchase a cam system for my hm and shop the distance between the two is 200ft my concern is stray voltage induced it my cabling from other sources I am not sure which cable to use Rg6 would be preferred due to size and being  more flexible and the fact there is already 1 1/2 pcv conduit in ground, In the back shop I have a milling machine with a 3 phase converter in the front I have a 1750hp Eddy current chassis dyno my question is how far away from these devices does the cable have to be ? [of course at night they are not in service and during the day only part time ] and how far away from 110v romax wire i have read not to make runs parallels to high current My conduit is installed with a run in the hm right next to each other for 3 ft  my equipment is about 15 feet from any camera or cable run i plan but i must pass over 110v  wiring  how far away from the 110v do i need to be ? I need to run for 8 cameras into the shop and around the building  should I use shielded wires wireless is out of the question any thoughts would help . thanks Royal T

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