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Tim Hortan

Need advice on best NVR software with tabs option

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I am looking to set up multiple NVRs (can’t use BlueIris because I don’t want to deal with port forwarding every time). I would like some recommendations on an NVR that’s software let’s you open multiple tabs on one computer while live streaming multiple sites. I will have 6 monitors on one PC and would like to have 6 tabs open with different NVRs on the same PC.


i have used Lorex and their software is exactly what I need but their equipment is pretty expensive, especially adds up when buying like 10 NVRs at a time. Also, it needs to support Onvif cameras.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi. 10 nvrs let’s say 8 cams each from 10 different locations to be monitored by only 1pc with 6 graphics cards 6 monitors for both playback and live viewing……… is your first downfall 

Lorex is more a domestic system 

you need something which has emap and there is a lot of systems out with that function


can you give more details on type of install 

amount of cameras at each location

is this application commercial or domestic

and budget for all the system and we’re your located

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I have a pc setup with 6 working monitoring over 2 nvidia graphic cards, they work perfect. I have been running my cams off of blueiris over the multple sites. My BI servers are at a different location and they seem to work fine. Issue is that for BI i need static IP on my site internets, which has now become an issue with my provider, having very limited options in Canada, I have to go with a provider that does not provide static IP, which is why I am now looking at P2P NVR solutions that have a software with the tabs options such as Lorex.


Commercial applications

average of 4-15 cameras /location

remote internet on each location (no more static IP)

looming at options with reasonable budgets

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