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John from Denver

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Hello everyone.

I just started out here in the Denver Colorado area , well I'm actually down in Parker which is close to Denver.

I am so glad I found this forum. There are so many resources here for everything.

My thanks go out to the founders of the site.

I have a lot of reading to do!

Anyway, I have a small team and though our traditional focus is on computers and networking, I have been working on the CCTV business and trying to get clients. It's way more fun and where I hope we will specialize soon.


I look forward to sharing what I know and what I have done and using the community for more information.


See ya on the boards..


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Welcome to the boards John.

I am actually on the same learning curve you are...I work for a networking/computer shop, but we have moved into cctv in the last ~5 years or so. I'm pretty much the "specialist" in our shop...but just a novice in the industry. This board has some very experienced members and there are tons of knowledge on these forums and even more waiting to be tapped.

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Hi John,

My name is Andrew Lieberman, and I am the president of L&L Security concepts.... I have a new sales rep in the Denver area, and am looking for a licensed ionstaller.... Is there anyone that you can recommend.... Who do you guys use??? Thanks so much.



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