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Hi, (this may be a digital quesiton)


Does anyone know of a device that can take 1 output from a matrix switcher and display this on a video wall, i.e. a bank of monitors ?


I guess its some kind of video splitter/multiplexer/demultiplexer type thing, but having no luck finding anything on the web.


Best Regards,



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Are you wanting to put up a screen, and send the video through a projector to create a large display?


Do you want multiple tvs stack side, by side, and one on top of the other?

These slim line monitors are very expensive. The computer that takes a video, and splits it up in to multiple monitors is very expensive, and you will want to have a residual income to make up for repeated visits back to reset the video wall.


If you are asking what I think you are asking I would be more than glad to set you up. Actually I would talk you out of it first.


How about 4 LCDs on a wall! This would be inexpensive compared to a whole wall.


I would recommend a video wall more for advertising, such as at a car dealership, or for a tradeshow. These are great in nightclubs, and bars that show music videos!


You have probably seen them in high end clothing shops!


How can I be of service?





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