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Larry? Larry? Larry?

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Wow, okay I'll PM him directly as well. I have never heard of anyone getting suspended. I assume you were included in an IP range ban, or you currently have the IP from your (provided by your ISP) of an IP who has been banned in the past.


If Larry isn't fast enough to satisfy your CCTVForum.com fix, you can try:


exit to a single browser surf to google.com

Tools>Internet Options...>Delete Cookies Click it

Tools>Internet Options...>Delete Files Click it


Go to your cable or DSL modem and reboot it, if you have a dynamic address you'll probably get a new one.

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Actually is this VSTman on his normal machine logged in as VSTson? The same machine that says VSTman is suspended.


Or are you posting over the phone via VSTson?


If so the above probably won't help.

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I'm on the same line......dsl


I don't think I am suspended for any reason. I was in my profile updating my email address and when I clicked on save it booted me saying I was suspended.....no impact or idea why......"it" just did it.


Resetting it, or contacting Larry, is next to impossible......or, he is not replying. Until then, I'll just wait.....

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