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DVR question

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I'm reasonably new to purchasing and installing DVRs. I've been installing mostly Speco lately, haven't had any problems... I've installed the TL, TN and TS series. From what I'm reading here though... I'm basically installing a budget DVR and that's not really what I'm after although I want to sell a lower end DVR I'd prefer not to make something like Speco my main machine.


The plus that I like about the Speco DVR is that you don't require software to load the DVR remotely. Very easy to set up for remote viewing.


I'd like to establish a line of DVRs that can be my main DVR. Then I could sell the Speco DVR as the "budget system".


Can anyone give me a couple of suggestions for a standalone DVR that would not require software for remote viewing (other than an active x control) and that is a good quality non oem DVR?


Other DVR's I've installed are Capture/ATV (nice GUI), Digital Watchdog (OEM) and some PC based garbarge.


Great site btw!

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