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    I got help from riogrande75 (thanks a lot by the way !) on the german forum, but I wanted to share the experience here as well. The new VTO2202F-P (or VTO4202F-P) is delivered with a firmware which is compatible with the SIP Server on the Fritzbox. It is now much easier to make the Fritz!Fon ring when someone rings the VTO (you just have to use the SIP server on the Fritzbox) However this is not working well with the VTH. It is possible to connect the VTH to the Fritzbox SIP Server (using some hack) but we still won't have any video this way. So either: use the VTO SIP Server and enjoy the full video experience with the VTH use the Fritzbox SIP Server and enjoy the voice experience with the Fritz!Fon, and forget about the VTH It seems to be possible to have both, but then we have to use an Asterix server and given the report from this thread, it seems to be quite challenging. Has anyone succeeded in having working Fritz!Fon and VTH (including video) ?
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