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    Hi all. I've been tasked with finding a CCTV system for the new building my company will be moving into in a couple of months. I have some experience with CCTV and digital systems but haven't installed or had to find equipment in almost 10 years....but I do have some experience so it falls on me. I'm looking for a 4k system with its own DVR and around 8 channels. There will probably be 2-3 exterior and 2-3 interior cameras to begin with. I'm looking for brand suggestions or any other thoughts you guys might have on the best way of going about this. I've done a little bit of looking online but so many 5 star reviews are bought and paid for that I don't have a lot of faith in them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Hi ... depends on your location and how it’s connected to monitoring Crestron can either take as alarm activation and send alert to customer ( done via alarm inputs on back of nvr ) or Crestron monitoring settings in nvrs email alert setting direct to monitoring for real-time video ..... not all monitoring will take new hik connections on connection to customers tv is easy as it’s from hdmi to Crestron av distribution alread in the home ...... but you only have commands like show cctv ..... will only show all cameras on one screen and no control if you want more camera control then all cameras need to go to a switch first and then nvr So you need to look at a nvr with alarm inputs and outputs
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    Hi from Vancouver Island, Canada. First time posting. I have a mobile 30ft telescoping mast, enclosed in an aluminum canopy, designed for an 8ft pick-up truck bed. It’s got two 12v battery powered winches, which cable the mast from horizontal to vertical, and then elevates the attached camera gear to about 30ft. The equipment needs updating, as it was set up for analog. Mounted on a Bosch pan and tilt unit, and in a weatherproof housing, is a Pelco DSP color CCD camera, model CC3610H-6, with a Pelco 13ZD6X10 lens. These are hardwired to a Ganz ZR-DH111NP-160 digital recorder. I have a monitor, and can operate the pan tilt unit from a cabinet in the canopy. I’m a great photographer/Videographer, but a technological Neanderthal lol. With drones being so tightly restricted, my unit can still get elevated shots at festivals, weddings, city streets, search and rescue and accident events etc. I want to be able to livestream events, or shoot video etc, and zoom in for wildlife photographs. anybody want to weigh in here? What kind of gear should I be researching? I am humbly grateful for any replies, and will take the rotten tomatoes if I’ve broken any rules on my first jump into this pond. Cheers!
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    a thing to know about IR illuminators: the ones shown above have large LEDs. this is a good thing. you can get an illuminator the size of the first one shown, with 96 tiny LEDs. the problem is, one of them gets hot and burns out, leaving 95 LEDs to suck up the same power source. the voltage across the remaining LEDs ratchets up a notch. the extra voltage burns out another LED, . the voltage across the remaining LEDs ratchets up another notch... pretty soon, you have a dozen surviving LEDs, which all burn up at once. big LEDs can handle more heat. the big LED illuminators operate for years. the ones with 4 vast LEDs in a 4 inch circle outlast the 48 LEDs in a 4 inch circle like a Chevy outlasts a Yugo.
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    Hi. Unless you run vista or xp then the pci card is useless It will be much easier to buy a cheap dvr to go with cameras
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    I've wanted to make this list for a while, and hopefully it will help answer some simple questions or guide newcomers on their IP video quest. Feel free to add, change, or refine this! Most Popular Camera Manufactures (on this forum): ACTi (http://www.acti.com) - Midrange camera - good price - free software. Avtech (http://www.avtech.com.tw) - Has good 'push' support for events to mobile devices. Avigilon (http://www.avigilon.com) - Similar to Axis cost - must buy through dealer - good software/support. Axis (http://www.axis.com) - Popular choice - higher end cameras get expensive - easy to find online for sale - free + paid software options. Dahua (http://www.dahuasecurity.com‎) - Re-branded as Q-See - low price - difficult to find updates/support. Geovision (http://www.geovision.com.tw‎) - Midrange - have some LPR cameras. Grandstream (http://www.grandstream.com) - Low cost - have some unique features. Hikvision (http://www.hikvision.com‎) - Becoming more popular - re-branded as Lorex/Swann systems from Costco. IQinVision (http://www.iqeye.com) Midrange pricing. Mobotix (http://www.mobotix.com) - Cameras made in Germany - reliable but expensive - no moving parts to fail in their cameras. Vivotek (http://www.vivotek.com) - Midrange pricing. Other Camera Manufactures: Arecont (http://www.arecontvision.com/‎) Brickcom (http://www.brickcom.com/) Bosch (http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/ProductInformation/Cameras/NetworkCameras/) Canon (http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/professional/products/security_video_solutions/network_cameras) GE (Unknown Website Address) Honeywell (http://www.honeywellvideo.com/products/cameras/ip/index.html) JVC (http://pro.jvc.com/prof/attributes/category.jsp?productId=PRO5.2) Panasonic (http://www.panasonic.com/business/psna/products-surveillance-monitoring/index.aspx) Pelco (http://www.pelco.com/sites/global/en/home.page) Samsung (https://www.samsung-security.com/) Sony (http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/mkt-security/) Toshiba (http://www.toshibasecurity.com/) IR Illuminators: Raytec (http://www.rayteccctv.com/) Axton (http://www.axtontech.com/) Iluminar (http://www.iluminarinc.com/) +Other Generic Brands Accessories: PoE Switch (Unmanaged, or Managed which allows remote powering on/off of specific ports) (TRENDnet, Netgear, D-Link, Cisco, Axis, etc.) Ethernet Cable (Regular/Burial Grade) Lenses (C/CS/S/D Mounts) IR Illuminators (Discussed Above) Enclosures (Pelco, Videolarm, Axis, Generic Brand, etc.) PIR Sensor (Optex, Bosch, etc) UPS Battery Backup System Popular Places To Buy: [Redacted - do a search on the forum for general ideas ] Video Recording Software: ACTi VMS (Free) - Only supports ACTi Cameras. Avigilon (Per channel: Core ~$100, Standard ~$200, Enterprise ~$350) - Purchase through authorized dealers. Axis Camera Companion (Free) - Only supports certain (newer) Axis Cameras. 16 cameras max. Axis Camera Station (~$90/license) Axxon Next (Free for 16 channels) (http://www.axxonsoft.com/products/axxon_next/) BlueIris ($29.95 - $49.95) (http://blueirissoftware.com/) - Supports a large variety of network cameras. exacqVision ($50 - $150/license + $25 yearly for optional updates) Genetec (Expensive) Geovision (Free) Luxriot ($99 - $1000+) Milestone XProtect (Free - $1000+) Mobotix Control Center (Free) - Supports other cameras for viewing. May be able to record with MXServer. OnSSI (Unknown) Vitamin D (Free/$49/$199) (http://www.vitamindinc.com/index.php) - PC + Mac Compatible Zoneminder (Free) - Open source Linux software. ...Etc, Most Manufactures Provide Their Own Software. Network Video Recorders (NVR's)/NAS Stations: Synology (1 License Included - ~$50 /per additional license) Dahua QNAP Luxriot NUUO Hikvision iPhone Viewing Apps: Netcam Viewer (Free/$5.99) (http://bit.ly/18UfXMs) Live Cams Pro ($1.99) (http://bit.ly/19RAleQ) QCamPro ($7.99) (http://bit.ly/14iCWxR) Official Mobotix (Free) (http://bit.ly/15XNtmo) IP Cam Viewer Pro ($3.99) (http://bit.ly/10QAwYn) Dahua iDMSS Lite (Free) (http://bit.ly/110ZjmV) Dahua iDMSS Plus ($4.99) (http://bit.ly/12FyWpw) +Specific Manufacturer's Apps (Q-See, Hikvision, etc) (Search Manually) - Typically better integrated then 3rd party apps. Android Viewing Apps: IP Cam Viewer Pro ($3.99) (http://bit.ly/TG6OyB) Dahua gDMSS Lite (Free) (http://bit.ly/12zjvAs) Dahua gDMSS Plus ($5.00) (http://bit.ly/12FzfAA) +Specific Manufacturer's Apps (Q-See, Hikvision, etc) (Search Manually) - Typically better integrated then 3rd party apps. Review Sites/Sample Videos: Network Camera Critic (http://www.networkcameracritic.com/) Mateusz CCTVnerd (http://www.youtube.com/user/mateuszfen) Megapixel Cameras - Images and Demos (viewtopic.php?f=19&t=11322) Plazor (http://www.plazor.com) Axis YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/AxisCommunications) Avigilon YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/Avigilon) MXInstaller (http://www.mxinstaller.com/) Companies That Rebrand/Resell: Swann (Rebrands Hikvision Equipment) Lorex (Rebrands Hikvision Equipment) Q-See (Rebrands Dahua Equipment) Toshiba (Appears To Rebrand Vivotek) Cisco (Sometimes Rebrands Pelco) Other Helpful Links: CCTV Lens Calculator (http://www.jvsg.com/online/#) Identification And Recognition Guide (http://www.axis.com/academy/identification/index.htm) - Make sure you have the correct resolution for your application. Security Today - IP Cameras (http://security-today.com/directory/list/ip-video.aspx) CCTV Frame Rates Comparison ( ) - Recordings don't necessarily have to be 30fps for desired results. IP Video 101 Training (http://ipvm.com/report/ip_video_training_course_101) Live Demo Cameras: Mobotix Cameras (http://www.mobotix.ro/live-ro-p-3.html) or (http://comsurv.com/live-video-cameras/) Axis Cameras (http://www.axis.com/camerademo/) or (http://ipcameralive.com/) Mixture (http://camelive.info) Terminology: CBR: "Constant bit rate [encoding] means that the rate at which a codec's output data should be consumed is constant." (i.e. the amount of data flowing from camera to user/nvr is always constant - even during movement or lack thereof. [See also VBR]) DSD: (http://www.dsdcctv.com/) DVR: "a consumer electronics device or application software that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other local or networked mass storage device." Edge Recording: "The concept of taking audio/video from a camera, and storing it at the edge of the Ethernet network instead of transporting it across the network to a centralized recording facility such as a Network Video Recorder." (Most cameras have this ability now.) IR/IR Illuminator: LED's (often a separate device) which provide illumination for cameras in near to total darkness. The light produced cannot be seen by the human eye. The camera must be sensitive to IR for this to be useful (some cameras have 'fixed' IR cut filters). 'White light' illuminators are also available. These produce light visible to the human eye and to a camera with or without an IR cut filter. LPR/ANPR/AVI/CPR/LAPI: "A mass surveillance method that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates." NAS: Basically a box filled with hard drives for storage of data. Some cameras have the ability to record directly to these networked boxes without the need for an always on or dedicated computer. NVR: "A software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device." ONVIF: "Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is a global and open industry forum with the goal to facilitate the development and use of a global open standard for the interface of physical IP-based security products." PIR: Passive Infrared "is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. They are most often used in PIR-based motion detectors." PoE: "A system to safely pass electrical power, along with data, on Ethernet cabling." UPS: "uninterruptible power supply...is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically mains power, fails." VBR: "Variable bit rate files vary the amount of output data per time segment." (i.e. Less data during still scenes, more data during high movement periods.) WDR: "'Wide dynamic range' describes an attribute of an imaging system which can capture greater scene details from shadows to highlights than normal." Commonly Asked Questions: Q: "Which brand or manufacturer should I buy?" A: Each brand has its strengths and weakness, whether it be price, size, low light capabilities, resolution, frame rate, support, software, compatibility, etc. There really isn't one magical brand or camera. Each security scenario is different and requires a unique solution. Q: "Where can I buy an IP HD PTZ Outdoor Camera for $200?" A: Probably not going to happen. PTZ cameras are expensive because of all the motors, belts, gears, and such. Perhaps instead consider using several fixed multi-megapixel HD cameras instead for coverage. Q: "How do I embed/add video from a camera to a website?" A: See: http://www.networkcameracritic.com/?p=1290 or http://bit.ly/10rC8WV Q: "How do I view my cameras on my TV/Monitor? A: Consider using an Android powered HDMI dongle. These mini computers are powerful and compact enough to be attached to a TV or monitor for camera viewing using an Android app. Also see: http://www.networkcameracritic.com/?p=1049 Q: "Should I buy a Foscam?" A: These cameras are not typically discussed here because of their poor reliability and feature set. They are often cloned and copied making firmware updates and support hard to come by. So in short, probably not. However if you are just starting with IP cameras, many members have since upgraded from these over time to bigger and better. Q: "How do I view my camera(s) from the internet?" A: You need to setup your router for port forwarding. Here are several guides to assist you. See: http://www.networkcameracritic.com/?p=124 or http://bit.ly/184DTvf Q: "What shutter speed should I use during low light/night?" A: "Typically 1/30 of a second is as low as you would want to have it set. Any longer and moving objects will be blurry making the footage less then useful. Q: "Should I use a wireless camera for my application?" A: Wifi signals, especially at long distances, can drop or become unreliable. They also become targets of hacking "resulting in free access to your personal cameras (EXTREMLY DANGEROUS) or blocked cameras, ones that will not record anything." It is best to use a hardwired connection via cable for installations. PoE installation can supply signal and power over one cable for easy installation. If a cable is not an option consider using a dedicated wifi access point, like the type made by Ubiquiti Networks.
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    Hi. That house again will have floorboards from left to right of house (main board running along landing) also remove a section of floorboard below window above the porch you will see we’re cables needs to go sounds like work but with the right tool it’s only an hour or so .... a tool worth adding to your box is one of these set to floorboard thickness makes the job easy https://www.diy.com/departments/skip19d-worx-400w-85mm-compact-circular/1212911_BQ.prd once you have a few jobs under your belt it will all click into place just treat every house as your own
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    Hi. You are on the right path with power line plugs but you need to buy power line that also has wi-fi .... but I would highly recommend you use a good name brand and not the Johnny washable off eBay I used to use netgear a lot but have moved over to TP link ..... more reliable and I would say best on the market to buy type to buy ... depends on your budget just look for T-P link with the part number starting with WPA as this means it also has Wi-Fi this one will give you full Wi-Fi in your 200ft garden WPA8630 KIT but you can buy TP link cheaper models
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    Ok ..... bit of a mixup..... picture is not Wi-Fi .... they are standard ip connected to something like a nano setup also nothing to do with P2P PtP point-to-point how many cameras do you want in that location and what is your budget
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    I have uploaded a manual for you to download here https://gofile.io/d/CIHzwM Hope it is what you need.
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    Just crawling on the web on various forums where people are asking for help on our products. My main area of expertise is in Avigilon Control Center and Access Control Manager. Feel free to tag me with questions related to our products. Doing this on my free time, and will only check periodically. Important issues always call in or create a ticket from our website. Cheers Bo
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    Ok with no bar you still have hot keys +p
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    Hi. EN firmware will not help you or load onto your recorder. it’s a Chinese unit you have and 9 times out of 10 it’s a copy of hik
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    Hi on the bottom of screen cam selection instead of ALL .... use drop down and pic the camera you want. are you connected to a pc or laptop on the same network ? that system also runs on the dahua PSS software for pc and does much more than from the unit
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    I have a Checkpoint Clarity Concept PTZ controller, and when I reset the device it says "initializing", but then the following pops up: "MENU Error - Call Service". Is there anyway I could fix this issue myself without calling for service? I've tried using a different data cable, but that didn't help anything.
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    Hi. Ok I know that system under a different name the problem is 12x 4K is the very top of its limit and has problems processing which is why you have cameras dropping out. sounds like your recording 24/7 at full FPS you will also have the problem with playback your options are .... cameras in areas not needing 4K knock them down to 3 or 4mp also 4K cameras knock down the FPS to 12 or 15.......... all these settings you do from recorder no need to buy more equipment Also make sure both camer and nvr are set to H265 not H264 This helps with faster data other option is keep cameras and send recorder back and buy one that will do 4K across the unit. ....... ie. 16 way 4K nvr
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    Hi. Cameras going on and off ..... I have seen this issue a few weeks ago .... guy bought 8 x 4K cameras and the onyx Yale 4K nvr problem was the nvr will only run 2 of 4K cameras rest had to be 720p or 1. 4K camera and the other 7 1080p China P2P app ..... will also give you alert problems ...... you may find it’s the app i would get your money back for the nvr and get something better. Cameras will run on another nvr which onyx nvr do you have ?
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    I got help from riogrande75 (thanks a lot by the way !) on the german forum, but I wanted to share the experience here as well. The new VTO2202F-P (or VTO4202F-P) is delivered with a firmware which is compatible with the SIP Server on the Fritzbox. It is now much easier to make the Fritz!Fon ring when someone rings the VTO (you just have to use the SIP server on the Fritzbox) However this is not working well with the VTH. It is possible to connect the VTH to the Fritzbox SIP Server (using some hack) but we still won't have any video this way. So either: use the VTO SIP Server and enjoy the full video experience with the VTH use the Fritzbox SIP Server and enjoy the voice experience with the Fritz!Fon, and forget about the VTH It seems to be possible to have both, but then we have to use an Asterix server and given the report from this thread, it seems to be quite challenging. Has anyone succeeded in having working Fritz!Fon and VTH (including video) ?
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    Update: Found the uart and here is what i am getting on 115200: U-Boot 2010.06-svn342 (Jan 20 2016 - 19:33:32) Check spi flash controller v350... Found Spi(cs1) ID: 0xC2 0x20 0x18 0xC2 0x20 0x18 Spi(cs1): Block:64KB Chip:16MB Name:"MX25L128XX" Set lock level: 3, start of bottom address Spi is locked. lock address[0x0 => 0x40000] envcrc 0x85a986c0 ENV_SIZE = 0x3fffc In: serial Out: serial Err: serial USB: scanning bus for devices... 1 USB Device(s) found 0 Storage Device(s) found Press CTRL-C to abort autoboot in 0 seconds16384 KiB hi_sfc at 0:0 is now current device CFG_BOOT_ADDR:0x0 0ff:0x84000000 cramfs: wrong magic super.magic:0x5d0ab7ad,CRAMFS_32 (CRAMFS_MAGIC):0x28cd3d45 0ff:0x84000000 cramfs: wrong magic super.magic:0x5d0ab7ad,CRAMFS_32 (CRAMFS_MAGIC):0x28cd3d45 ### /UbootLogo/ LOAD ERROR<ffffffff> ! jpeg decoding ... <<addr=0x8e800000, size=0xb85f9, vobuf=0x8e800000>> addr:0x80853e64,size:755193,logoaddr:0x8e800000,: 1,4a load jpeg err. CFG_BOOT_ADDR:0x58080000 0ff:0x84000000 cramfs: wrong magic super.magic:0xc5ae99c9,CRAMFS_32 (CRAMFS_MAGIC):0x28cd3d45 ### boot/zImage.img LOAD ERROR<ffffffff> ! Wrong Image Format for bootm command ERROR: can't get kernel image! hisilicon #
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    If eth interface comes up at least a very short period, then I am convinced the TFTP method should work. Connect the device to a 100MBit/s switch and set up a pc according to unbricking guide. Before doing the actual TFTP upgrade process, start wireshark on the pc and see it there is any tftp request from the device.
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    Hi, I have a Dahua PTZ SD52C225U-HNI, after ptz bin upgrade ..dead and no ethernet.I tried to unbrick by tftp but lan go up just 1 second. Can you suggest unbrick by serial rs232 or sd card ? I can't use tftp. I have uboot working by rs232 Thanks !
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    Hi all, based on the fantastic information in this topic i was able to setup my devices nearly perfectly. Setup is a VTO2000a, VTH1550, Fritzbox with Fritzphone and some LinPhone clients. What works: 1) Call with Audio and Video from VTO to VTH per Ring-Button. It works before accept the Call at the VTH and after that. Only for a short time the Video is gone, when the VTH switch from Monitoring to SIP-Video. 2) Call from VTO to SIP-Clients - LinPhone. With Audio and Video. 3) Call from VTO to FritzPhone with Snapshot. I still have some small issues and hopefully you have an idea how to solve it 1) If i try to combine to combine the 3 reciever (VTH, LinPhone and FritzBox), VTH doesn't work as expected. VTH, LinPhone and Fritzbox are ringing. It works before accept the Call at the VTH but the Video is gone, when the VTH switch from Monitoring to SIP-Video. If i just ring the VTH everything works fine. Tried it with "exten => 9901,n,Dial(SIP/6002&SIP/8002,30) ; 6002 LinPhone, 8002 VTH" and with FollowMe. Unfortunately same result in both cases. If i just ring the VTH (9901,n,Dial(SIP/8002,30)) everything works fine. Any idea, what could be the reason? 2) Doesn't get the correct time set on the VTH1550 (2h delay) It seems to be the timezone. If i use the VTO internal SIP server time is corrected directly. If i set the time via the config tool, time is ok for approx. 1 min How can i change the time setting of the VTH, if i don't use the VTO internal SIP server? Cheers Alex
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    Hi, I have setup 2 vto2000a + raspbx + vth1550 + Cisco PAP2T (ata adapter) + GSWave mobile client Basically when someone call the vto all mobiles ring + all home phones thru the ata which is connected to my analog PBX All works well except the vth1550 showing video when someone call but when I answer the video disappear - audio and unlock OK. Any idea? Thanks.
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