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    Ok ..... bit of a mixup..... picture is not Wi-Fi .... they are standard ip connected to something like a nano setup also nothing to do with P2P PtP point-to-point how many cameras do you want in that location and what is your budget
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    I have uploaded a manual for you to download here https://gofile.io/d/CIHzwM Hope it is what you need.
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    Just crawling on the web on various forums where people are asking for help on our products. My main area of expertise is in Avigilon Control Center and Access Control Manager. Feel free to tag me with questions related to our products. Doing this on my free time, and will only check periodically. Important issues always call in or create a ticket from our website. Cheers Bo
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    Ok with no bar you still have hot keys +p
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    Hi. EN firmware will not help you or load onto your recorder. it’s a Chinese unit you have and 9 times out of 10 it’s a copy of hik
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    Hi on the bottom of screen cam selection instead of ALL .... use drop down and pic the camera you want. are you connected to a pc or laptop on the same network ? that system also runs on the dahua PSS software for pc and does much more than from the unit
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    I have a Checkpoint Clarity Concept PTZ controller, and when I reset the device it says "initializing", but then the following pops up: "MENU Error - Call Service". Is there anyway I could fix this issue myself without calling for service? I've tried using a different data cable, but that didn't help anything.
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    Hi. Ok I know that system under a different name the problem is 12x 4K is the very top of its limit and has problems processing which is why you have cameras dropping out. sounds like your recording 24/7 at full FPS you will also have the problem with playback your options are .... cameras in areas not needing 4K knock them down to 3 or 4mp also 4K cameras knock down the FPS to 12 or 15.......... all these settings you do from recorder no need to buy more equipment Also make sure both camer and nvr are set to H265 not H264 This helps with faster data other option is keep cameras and send recorder back and buy one that will do 4K across the unit. ....... ie. 16 way 4K nvr
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    Hi. Cameras going on and off ..... I have seen this issue a few weeks ago .... guy bought 8 x 4K cameras and the onyx Yale 4K nvr problem was the nvr will only run 2 of 4K cameras rest had to be 720p or 1. 4K camera and the other 7 1080p China P2P app ..... will also give you alert problems ...... you may find it’s the app i would get your money back for the nvr and get something better. Cameras will run on another nvr which onyx nvr do you have ?
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    Hi you will need to replace cpu fan as it’s monitored on startup
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    Hi it will be one of these codes 063772008888148648 remember to set a new password once your in
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    Hi can you post a picture of your menu screen
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    You will need firmware upgrade about tftp server but i don't know where search file for you DVR
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    Hi. Dahua will run without hard drives connected so completely disconnect them. dahua also has fan monitoring so check if your fans are also starting up
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    Hi. Manual says yes via switch .... but it does not say if you can use other brands. There is no mention of onvif in its spec ..... which is a communication path for using between brands So you might only be able to use same manufacture
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    Hi. If camera is on your property and recording your property that’s fine ..... but to place a camera to monitor 24/7 someone else’s property and people you might find the law suit being on you. also take into account footage retention the DP act for your area. you are best talking to a lawyer at your local city/ town hall and get the right advice. also using a small unnoticeable camera also known as covert or spy camera watching other people can also be another legal problem for you. a years footage is just a waste of time and no court will allow it..... it would also take a year for your legal people and the court to watch. I would get a 4 way ip system with at least one camera with audio And set it up with good wide lens covering your property which state are you in ?
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    Hi Charles finding a b/W only camera is going to be a waste of money are you looking at recording your cameras and what is your budget
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    Hi liam a uk agent will charge you over £110 and you will still have to wait for your order. a company I recommend on here a few years ago were a good price and 5 to 7 days turn around £35 p&p check your pm
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    Hi. Your link does not show a tracking ptz however it does have motion detection which is useless on a ptz just like a ptz with a microphone motion detection will only work if your ptz stays static then it will do motion but if you put presets into the ptz ....... every time the camera moves you will get a useless alarm ptz audio ........ built in microphone on a standard fixed camera is good on a ptz all your going to hear is two motors as ptz moves also making audio useless unless it stays static ...... so you may as well just buy 2 ptz cameras with the right size lens anything that uses the HIsee app is junk just like the app ..... and it does not work on new iPhones
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    hi not a problem .... glad it work for you. any other problems just pm me
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    Hi. Qvis can’t give reset codes to a 3rd party for security reasons could be a bad employee wants to start stop or delete footage. I can give you the code if you give location and type of security type ...... home / warehouse/ shop also do you have remote view and which app are you using
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    Hi. I would look at 6mp cameras with audio with your budget. 4 cameras in a shed will give you most cover as 6mp will give you more detail than a 2mp
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    Hi. We’re are you located and what is your budget. 360 camera might be best for your barn areas plus it would keep the cost down for your remote location barn as they are very low power use. your nvr would be located on the house which would give you view of all cameras
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    hello ..I am looking for recommendations for a simple security camera that I can fix to the side of my house to capture 1 full year (continuous, non stop 24 hours a day for 365 days) surveillance of neighbor's activity, no panning or movement, a fixed spot ....I am pretty sure this would have to be AC powered, although I'd prefer battery .....but I am sure battery life hard to monitor if camera mounted on facia board up high .....any help, assist or recommendations highly appreciated, thank you
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