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    Hi all. I am looking for a 4k external camera with >90deg fov with an SD card slot, wifi interface, night vision and smart movement detection. Dont need/want ptz or zoom. would love PIR! The object is to reduce cabling to a simple locally provided 12V only and not have any centralized NVR. I have found such cameras for 1080p but not much higher res.
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    Hi your going to find it’s not true 4K like a lot of cheap cameras like in earlier post 4K with SD card is pointless you will keep loosing incidents smart motion is another problem with sd cards …… it will overwrite in a few hours adding a Poe injector or switch would it not of been simpler and much better to of used a Poe nvr then you would not need to use the P2P reolink software which in its self is a bad thing
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