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    Okay, so I was playing around with the settings as my cameras would not display across the entire screen in 5MP@15/20 fps. It's a 1080p TV and just yesterday, it was displaying fine. Anyway, I started experimenting with a few settings - went into the PTZ menu that you access from the camera's main screen (not the DVR's main menu) - and I changed it from AHD or TVI to CVBS. Now both my cameras (as I changed both their default CVI setting to CVBS to check the aspect ratio) - are stuck in CVBS/ultra low resolution mode or SD. I can no longer access the PTZ menu. When I click on the main interface - nothing happens. I also noticed in the DVR's main menu PTZ settings (under "camera") that the Control Mode option is now greyed out. I can't even access that. This is driving me absolutely nuts - my CCTV camera feed looks like it's more than 20 years old! I'm not even getting colour on one of the cams now. It's just stuck in CVBS mode. How do I restore it to TVI, AHD or CVI? I've literally tried experimenting with every single option in the menu. Please HELP!! I have the Dahua dh-xvr5104hs-x1 with a Dahua camera and Pogo camera, both 5MP@20fps capable and 1080p@30 fps capable.
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