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    QVIS ONY-X DVR Reset

    D1EsLk4792 case sensitive
  2. tomcctv

    Xmeye probing DNS?

    Hi. Your first thing to do is reset everything back to factory ( your router) Factory reset your recorder but don’t connect it to your network till you have your network sorted you don’t need a DNS service if you have a static ip BUT you will also need to get intouch with your internet provider and ask them for a new IP address ..... you need this done before you reconnect your DVR This is what has put your network at risk .... you should never add external IP address to your own network except what your isp provided Using a DNS address found on the internet has and will make your network unsecured DNS xmeye .... is only allowing your network a connection to China server....... people think remote view is connection from smart device too DVR ...... in fact it’s .... smart device —— China server ——DVR
  3. tomcctv

    Long distance connection

    Hi. Amazon reviews is not a good way to buy mot depends on your budget and where you are located
  4. Hope all the info helped also sent you a link on making network wireless
  5. tomcctv

    Long distance connection

    Hi yes it is possible with lan power adapters is you don’t have a system yet then you need to look for a ip system 1 or 2 cameras with nvr
  6. No such thing as website check for S/N ”the serial number of your order to validate” Money first .... for order ..... that’s a bit after the fact
  7. tomcctv

    24vac PTZ Controller

    Hi. Your problem is the mounts are power controlled rs485 is data signal a Manchester box con control them box gives a few options on connection problem is you can buy a new full ptz camera for less than a manchester Box and you would need one for each mount your other option is amazon .... cheap pan/tilt head
  8. tomcctv

    24vac PTZ Controller

    Hi which make of controller are you using and how are cameras connected are you looking to connect to a dvr with rs485
  9. tomcctv

    Camera tv connection

    Hi. The first picture above is what you need that’s exactly what it’s for. but how many TVs are you going to be using
  10. tomcctv


    More crap this is even worse top brand in uk .... total crap US & UK top internet connected camera brand
  11. tomcctv

    Analog CCTV Cameras to IP Network Security Cameras

    Hi. A few years ago ip HD network cameras on cat5 were the best for high resolution cameras now HD analog has caught up and runs on coax 2mp upto 8mp (4K) and with sticking with coax you will benefit from hd analog being cheaper Yes you can still buy dome cameras but turret cameras are much better .... smaller and look better ..... domes don’t handle IR very well at night turret cameras remove all problems of dome what part of the world are you in
  12. tomcctv

    Analog CCTV Cameras to IP Network Security Cameras

    Hi ... yes your right ..... but two reasons why I did not mention it .... first cost .... converting analog to ip is very expensive and limits you second is you have sdi cameras not standard analog cameras which your first picture shows analog which you don’t have ....sdi are hardly used anymore your second picture has not turned anything into a nvr ... in fact it’s a pointless setup ..... cameras out to recorder network connection to router out to nvr ..... only a few recorders would give you this option.... has to be same manufacture but nvr is not needed as the analog will have cms for viewing on pc but again your problem is SDI system
  13. tomcctv

    Analog CCTV Cameras to IP Network Security Cameras

    hi. Keeping original camera’s prevents you from going nvr ..... nvr is only used with IP cameras you can stay with a dvr as a new option but your problem with doing that is your SDI cameras are not compatible unless you buy a sdi dvr which is a waste of money new DVRs run tvi cvi ahd and standard analog so you can keep cables but both recorder and cameras need changing
  14. Hi. No very wrong ..... as ezviz asks for router details to work (nvr or pc) you still give it a path in and out of your network the problem is people don’t know what there buying when it comes to home security. There are two types SMART CCTV. this is we’re you buy and get equipment home and on setup it asks you to register your equipment to a cloud service 1000s of miles away .... the only reason is to collect personal information .... your name your email your router username and password which then gives your location also cell location if using a app which tracks your location even when not at home IF A STRANGER CAME TO YOUR DOOR and asked for your router details and login and password details 95% of people would say no....... yet very happy to give it over there home network to strangers........ it’s not a security system if others have control CCTV SECURITY SYSTEM (not smart) does not require you to register .... cloud is optional and does not stop your system working if you don’t use that option does not disable firewall and you can pick and insert your own port numbers for remote view and change when ever you like along with IP address...... all of which makes your own network secure ezviz (hikvision) and lorex (dahua) are about to hit headlines again ezviz for using facial recognition software of everyone who passes there cameras and sending data back to China (without owners concent) lorex for how there new systems are made and now also requiring login details again for dahua use i will pm you with a system you have control over
  15. Yes you can use them .... but you can’t stop them sending data to 3rd company it’s built into software ezviz is about to get a ban from Australia mall China government owned companies hikvision ezviz dahua lorex are all about to come back into the news over security risks and company build methods ezviz are cheap $30 ..... there cheap to flood the market and collecting personal data on what cameras see and hear to use your ezviz contact them for a new nvr recorder or pc software as trying to connect them to another manufacturers unit may not work ... I know they state onvif which they don’t
  16. tomcctv

    My Lorex 16 channel NVR died.

    Hi. Lots of people make this mistake...... ptz with heater blower or wiper should not run on Poe from nvr yes your right cold temperatures have switched on your heater and the sensor is set very low ..... this is because ip cameras also generate there own heat anyway ... your extreme low temp has called for more power which your nvr does not have lorex nvrs don’t run heavy ptz power you need to run larger Poe switch how many ptz cameras are you running and what make and model
  17. tomcctv

    Hello to CCTV

    No . In fact it’s one of best systems on the market ..... also has best app and pc remote software Well this is going to be a problem ...... to reset video output range it can only be done from master output hdmi .... then you have control over second output .... sounds like it was set as spot monitor ..... no other way around it You can set it via monitor or SuperLive pro or the pc cms software .... you use the ptz controls on any of the devices if you don’t want to buy a monitor borrow one that’s hdmi and hd ...... connect it power up and it will set the range automatically then we can see if this is your problem
  18. tomcctv

    Hello to CCTV

    Ok so we still don’t know if monitor is working or not your system is called a TVT nvr and it should be run on hdmi ....... you will not be seeing the benefit of your cameras with two outputs hdmi and vga hdmi is your master output vga is secondary and is set via recorder you need to buy a wide hd tv with hdmi which is the right monitor you should be using looking at your recipes $115 for a monitor I’m guessing it’s just a cheap 19inch pc vga monitor your installer does not have a clue I would also question over $600 for Poe extenders when nvr is Poe (your premises must be bigger than the white house) to be needing them on each camera. so first thing is new monitor HD hdmi so as you can be on main output
  19. tomcctv

    Hello to CCTV

    Ok your system is a TVT nvr can you post a picture of back of nvr need to figure out how cameras are getting power
  20. tomcctv

    Hello to CCTV

    Hi I was only giving examples of beeping which app do you use for viewing
  21. tomcctv

    Hello to CCTV

    Hi. Monitor settings could be altered or nvr output settings changed alarms will sound for a number of things depends how alarms were setup to start with reasons bad hard drive ...... but you will still see images on screen camera feed to nvr ...... but you would still see other camera feeds monitor if bad or out of range (wrong resolution) do you have remote view and is that working
  22. tomcctv

    Hello to CCTV

    Wow crazy prices Poe extenders $620 $850 for none Poe nvr $825 for cable ........ how far are camera away from nvr location...... reason why I ask is no listing for a switch vga monitor is first to look at ..... then look at connection from nvr to router of switch ....this will also give a beeping if down also at night are your cameras showing any sign of IR lighting being on
  23. tomcctv

    Hello to CCTV

    Hi then if you have an IP system which is supporting 4mp cameras ...... your monitor might not be broken vga is limited by its resolution ..... it is rare to have both vga and hdmi on a unit but some do on vga your nvr might of gone out of range (higher resolution than vga can handle) does it have hdmi as well
  24. tomcctv

    Hello to CCTV

    Hi. This was your first post and you also posted pictures of a dvr board. if fitted 8 years ago it’s not a h265 unit as not developed then your last post it now turns out to be a nvr with ip cameras can you post pictures of back and front of your recorder also you have not said if you tried another monitor this also points to a dvr as a 4mp h265 would be on hdmi not vga
  25. tomcctv

    Lost Password for Oyn-x Apollo 4x NVR

    Ok. Ony-x don’t make the unit it’s just badged it is a dahua system lite. I will send them an email in the morning for a reset code which they generate from serial number one last code to try till we hear back from them 179424