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  1. Hi. Have you tried using a small thumb drive
  2. Hi. Once it has been recorded it is part of the image. ip camera date and time stamp should be switched off and not used on a nvr as it’s the nvrs time stamp that is used go into ip camera settings and switch off time and date OSD in settings and it won’t happen again
  3. Hi yes the one you have linked two will just be plug and play your existing cameras the link is a xmeye unit which have not been reliable the past few weeks over the internet
  4. tomcctv

    HELP/ADVICE NEEDED camera removal

    Hi. The ring holding camera in has a 3mm grub screw on the opposite side of the qvis label but even with that out it can be stubborn I use a oil filter removal strap
  5. tomcctv

    recommendation and advice

    Hi. Are you looking at changing the recorders ? looking at both spec of your unit none will do 5mp HD which app are you using at the moment
  6. Hi you only need to use some warm water and a nice soft cloth ...... don’t use any chemicals as they might damage the lens cover also they make the lens cover sticky. also you don’t take your camera apart dirt should not be getting inside camera just warm water nice soft cloth wipe cover gentle
  7. tomcctv

    oyn-x recorder

    Hi. Switch off your unit for 20mins then enter one of these codes 897436108800138024
  8. Hi you will need to replace cpu fan as it’s monitored on startup
  9. tomcctv


    Worldwide Trusted Brand Anran security camera are selling in more than 40 areas in the planet. We have more than 20worldwide offices all over the world. Our app were downloaded more than 100,000,000times. ——————————————————————— direct from there site ...... when they start with crap you will always get crap. USA office a house ...... UK contact does not exist. this could end up costing you money and you might find it cheaper to install your own if you can’t contact old owners over the nvr then your not going to also know the Wi-Fi camera login details. These are also P2P cameras and might auto connect to your home Wi-Fi. Then out to old homeowners cloud account there cheap camera system .... just replace it to something you own and control
  10. Hi. I can’t get your link to work. Rs485 is a data connection (ptz control) is it cat5 cable being used ....... same cable for power data and video
  11. tomcctv


    Hi sounds like it has not had a password Nul password means leave it blank or 888888
  12. Hi. Bit of a screwed up spec 9x 2amp is not 30amp what is the distance of your power cables and what cable are you using what is the spec for your ptz but it looks like your well under powered
  13. Hi what amp is each port on your distribution board and what voltage
  14. tomcctv


    Hi it will be one of these codes 063772008888148648 remember to set a new password once your in
  15. tomcctv


    Ok that’s a xmeye system can you post the time and date showing on the screen also when you have done that switch your unit off ..... it has to of been off for over 20 mins before you enter any other code
  16. tomcctv


    Hi can you post a picture of your menu screen
  17. Hi. Dahua will run without hard drives connected so completely disconnect them. dahua also has fan monitoring so check if your fans are also starting up
  18. Ok. Your nvr was not ment for uk market Utc is not a time zone and will not set summer time. so you need to set the time on nvr to 1 hour ahead and it will become right and on the 25th October you will need to set it to right time ........ if it had gmt it would do it automatically
  19. Hi. Click disable top right. the camera time and date is not needed if connected to a nvr ...... nvr time and date is all that’s required .....when you are searching for footage it is searching nvr time and date not the cameras camera time is only needed if using some vms software your image you posted shows year/ month/ day ...... your gmt so change to day/ month/year also you have time zone set to utp Dublin Edinburgh Lisbon.London move it down till you get to gmt Dublin Edinburgh Lisbon London and also tick DST
  20. tomcctv

    Help connecting DVR to TV

    Hi. Two ways of using your existing coax but nether way is cheap. HDMI modulator.......... this is the only method you can use for using tv antenna input hdmi over coax kit ........ hdmi from dvr to tv hdmi. But stay away from the cheap type or the tv image will be useless to watch both options will not give you control of your system.... view only. another option is to use no cable at all and for the same price if not cheaper than the modulator or hdmi kit is to use a apple box or android tv box ...... this is a good option as you will have control over cctv system ..... and the money spent also gives your smart tv more options
  21. We’re are you based ..... lorex is just another trading name for dahua
  22. Hi. You need to switch off the time on each camera and just use the nvr time display go into camera edit in menu and switch of OSD for all cameras
  23. Hi. Apart from the split screen are you able to go into menu? I have looked at the spec sheet for the JZTEK and it is only saying low mp. 720n / 960n /1080 can you disconnect all cameras switch off your unit connect 1 camera only to channel 1 then switch your unit back on XMeye units loose channels the higher the megapixel ..... 4 channel will only run 1 5mp 8 channel will only run 2 5mp cameras is your system on line
  24. tomcctv

    Help connecting DVR to TV

    Hi. Why are you going to antenna input ???? hdmi to sdi will not work for you
  25. Ok. But you can still isolate the equipment from the pole ... either with fibreglass over the bracket areas or using plastic or rubber spacing This would also be pointless. In fact in would make your problem worse..... not that you have a problem to start with. we have lots of PTZ cameras on poles all over the uk .... not one has been hit by lightning your building a self contained pole system .... nothing leaving the pole. So nothing will protect your camera or solar from direct hit using another pole with copper or brass strike ground carrier will only give lighting more area to hit being next to another pole but if you had a strike it would only go to ground and back up the other steel pole. you don’t need to waste money