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  1. http://www2.cop-usa.com/ebproductdetail.asp?id=270 http://www2.cop-usa.com/ebproductdetail.asp?id=360
  2. JKelsey

    CAT5e or COAX?

    I just think this is a cute breakdown: http://www.vigitron.com/applications.htm
  3. Try Orvac Electronics @ 714.871.1020. It's pretty cool, the stuff they have there.
  4. Don't know if you're still looking, but all my guys use the Everfocus EN220: http://www.everfocus.com.tw/pdf/lcd.pdf Vitek makes a very similar one, but we've had better success in the field w/ the Everfocus version.
  5. JKelsey

    What cameras to buy?

    Check out these outdoor day/night cameras w/ infrared illuminators: http://www.meritlilin.com/products/zip/012CSE-3.pdf (25 meters of IR illumination) http://www.meritlilin.com/products/zip/0022CSE-3.pdf (16 meters of IR illumination) Hope this helps.
  6. Try: Communications Supply Corp Address: 57 Jonspin Rd, Wilmington, MA 01887 Phone: (978) 657-7173 Otherwise, here's the link to the CA office: http://www.gocsc.com/buenapark/
  7. JKelsey

    IP Camera / Software Forum

    Agree completely!
  8. You may want to check w/ these guys: http://www.gocsc.com/contactus.html
  9. JKelsey

    What would you recommend?

    Let me know what you'd like pricing on. Depending on the product category, we can get you set up w/ various supply channels.
  10. Has anyone here spec'd or used the Merit Li-Lin matrix system? Or their DVRs? I'd love input from anyone who has hands-on experience w/ their product in the field. Thanks. http://meritlilin.com/
  11. JKelsey

    LCD Monitor

    Just FYI: V175RUXRA 17" TFT LCD Monitor Color: Black Features: Built-in Speakers Wall Mountable $ 425.00 (via referral to the mfg from Epic Consultants) For specs, visit: http://www.batesias.com/products/V175RUXRA.html Honestly, we lined up several different makes of LCDs, & this just blew away the rest for clarity/resolution. It didn't hurt that it was also the lowest in price.
  12. JKelsey

    LCD Monitor

    Check these out. (I've had great success w/ the 17" version & my dealers love the price.) www.batesias.com
  13. JKelsey

    UTP transmission

    After using several other mfgs, I now use exclusively Vigitron products (both passive & active). Fabulous product & excellent support, should you need it.
  14. Does anyone here have experience (good or bad) with the Chance-I product?
  15. JKelsey

    Home design for remote video.

    Check these out: www.camerawebpage.com