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  1. finalwish

    avigilon ip bullet camera reboot

    Located in California. Trying to contact the seller, and waiting for a response.
  2. finalwish

    avigilon ip bullet camera reboot

    No luck with factory reset. Contacted Avigilon and they said I have to go through an integrator to RMA.
  3. I got an avigilon ipp bullet camera that keeps on rebooting with the following error when I updated ACC to latest, where it went and updated the firmware on the camera. Tried downgrading firmware and no luck. Anyway to fix this issue other than to send it to Avigilon?
  4. finalwish

    Avigilon Control Center problem

    did you select the correct type of camera when you did the scan for the camera? Try Onvif for Hikvision cameras.
  5. finalwish

    Flashing IR lights on IPC-HFW3300C

    try black electrical tape to shield the led which is near the ir sensor; you don't need much; just a small piece to isolate the ir sensor from the nearest led and maybe that would help
  6. Whenever I can pick up cheap Avigilon cameras, I slowly switch over to it. Too expensive otherwise to buy at retail. So hik/dahua until they eventually get replaced.
  7. finalwish

    Dahua firmware

    hello cam IPC-HFW2100 firmware 2.420.0000.0.R, build: 2014-04-14 how to find a prefix? that you have specified is not suitable the prefix provided worked for my camera HFW3200
  8. finalwish

    Dahua firmware

    Anyone have ntsc version of this firmware or latest for hfw3200?
  9. MaxIcon did a good comparison write up for this. See viewtopic.php?f=19&t=35752.
  10. got it. have to use vpn or fwd both ports. can't do forwarding via ssh.
  11. have you tried contacting Avigilon to retrieve or reset the license key?
  12. Which ports do I need to forward to remotely connect to ACC 5.0 server from offsite? I'm using ssh to connect, and tried to forward port 38880, but no luck.
  13. cable utility box? how about an artificial rock to be covert instead? http://www.amazon.com/Artificial-Stone-Well-Cover-Riverbed/dp/B004T36DVO/ref=pd_bxgy_lg_img_y