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  1. cailun

    Suggested Camera Positions

    cctothetv's calculation is great. I also have one suggestion you can bring along a vari-focal lens e.g. 3.5-8mm with a small hand-held monitor and check on site how's the effect. While the area can cover, the quality may not meet your requirement.
  2. cailun

    Two standalone DVRs

    It depends whether you concern computer skill. If not, I guess a self-built system by DVR cards may be cost-effective to you.
  3. cailun

    know anything about this camera??

    Though your Samsung model is not found. While IR is a good choice, I think you should also consider 1) Lux of the camera 2) covered distance claim (IR got limitation on distance and angle) Alternatively, if you actually have light here, even dimmed light, my experience no-IR low lux camera may see things even better. Other than standalone DVR, you can also consider DVR card if you are familiar with computer. Motion detection most likely built in feature of both standalone DVR and DVR card.
  4. Do you know if there is any RoHS compliant IP Camera in the market that can be used in Europe?
  5. do you know if there is a few DVR motherboard major in the market? just like Philip 17xx chipset, etc.... on DVR Card. Thanks.
  6. Just wonder if anyone of you can share more detailed information of Imagia 440A board that is widely used by ip camera? Thanks.
  7. Just wonder if you have experience on some CCD camera having color bias, particularly sharp red fades away. Blue and green becomes even sharper. Resolution is no problem. Is it a problem with certain brand CCD sensor? Thanks.
  8. It's great to find this forum for sharing. I've been confused for a while. Camera manufacturers always said that it requires auto-iris camera for outdoor installation as the intensity of light changing all the time. No fixed lens is working. However, in my experience, I don't find big difference between using auto-iris and non-auto lens for outdoor camera. The fixed can just produce suitable image. How's that actually? Do you have any experience for share? Dove
  9. Hi, I wonder if there is any tester ( both as a software or small device ) for checking if the resolution of a CCD camera meet what the manufacturer claimed? Thanks for your information. Cailun ps. I just feel too late to come across such an excellent forum for our security people.