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    How do I create a live feed to a web page?

    I am going to assume you can't use the web server built into the Geo software. In that case, if you want something custom - as this seems it would be - you'd probably have to get your hands on the SDK
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    Hello and welcome to CCTVForum.com. No we are not affiliated with the other site. Glad you found the right place!
  3. larry

    Hello there!

    Hello thar! Welcome to the forum. Were kinda in the middle of some changes but it's getting better by the day. Hope you stay awhile
  4. larry

    New Forum

    Locking this thread. Please make all new forum comments in the sticky above so I can keep track of what's not working correctly. So far I got : Attachments, Login issues, scrolling issue
  5. larry

    Best place to get these camera's.

    ... I would have Googled the model number too. What??? I don't agree with your statistical or design analysis; people get suggestions on where to get stuff everyday. Members probably were'nt familiar with those exact models.
  6. larry

    Dealer forum?

    Thought I could make it only viewable to those who have access. Guess not.
  7. larry

    Dealer forum?

    You can't see it?
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    How about a Geovision section

    Yeah, I had thought about this too. Just about every post is about Geo. So, looks like it's gonna happen. I add it to the new forum. The new one has sub-forums.
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    See that's what I like about this forum. Most people here are very professional and get along fine with minimal moderation. If this place was full of teenagers it would be a totally different case. I want to remind everyone the new design is in the works (finally found a designer I like) and hopefully within a month or two most of the new stuff will be ready. The new site will have a FAQ section so I'll have to compile some of the more frequently asked questions into one forum and group them somehow. Incorporate PhotoPost, a CMS and figure out RSS feeds. I'll also have a few surprises.
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    Actually, images are not permitted in signatures: So please remove images from your signatures they will cause too much trouble for everyone involved. Thanks Larry
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    What thread are you referring to?
  12. larry

    Photo Gallery Forum

    I had someone design it. I don't have any design skillz . At the place where I got it, one of the designers said they liked the old one too. We'll see how it all looks together, we can always go back to the old one.
  13. larry

    Photo Gallery Forum

    The new design is coming and it will have a gallery. It will be PhotoPost or Smartors; probably Photopost though. I already have the new forum logo created. I am trying to save money on the skin by doing somethings myself and modifying an existing one. Here is a peek at the new forum logo
  14. Check this out: http://www.chicagosuntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-camera31.html "Mayor Daley on Monday embraced a radical plan to require every licensed Chicago business open more than 12 hours a day to install indoor and outdoor cameras."
  15. One of our sponsors is DigitalWatchguard.com - they are a legit source for geovision cards
  16. larry

    New Users and Posts

    Yeah Rory - get some sleep man. I'm gonna have to see if I can FedEx a case of Bud to you.
  17. larry

    Seasons Greetings to all ye souls

    Yes Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New to all. This forum would be nothing without your participation and I thank you all. I also want to thank the moderators Rory and Thomas, for keeping this place on track and spam free.
  18. larry

    Server failure Dec 20th

    Currently through 1and1
  19. The web server this site is hosted on crashed yesterday so, as most of you are aware, the site was unavailable yesterday. We've had pretty good luck the last two two years so I guess our number was up. The good news is that the database and web server are on different machines so we did not lose data. I am assuming they just took this opportunity to replace the box and reload the site files from backup. Since we are on a shared box it took awhile. I want to thank you all for your patience; I was on the phone with them and almost lost mine but I figured they are doing their best so I might as well get off their back. Happy Holidays
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    Google Ads

    Please pardon the off-topic ads. Google has to "learn" this site to target CCTV ads only and I have to learn the ad setup system to help it along some.
  21. larry

    Google Ads

    Google inter-mixes text and images ads. I think they don't have a lot of image ads for cctv companies so they just throw in something close. I just turned off the image ads so it should not appear again. The text ads are getting better and more on target though.
  22. It's an old style (2 years) - in internet time atleast. The new one will be designed for 1024 res
  23. larry

    Hello Everyone

    Hello EZJ, Welcome to CCTV Forum. Feel free to post your bids. You'll probably want to wait until you are qualified to enter the Dealer Forum though. Until then, jump right in and make yourself at home.