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  1. FYI, I added a new style for mobile devices so the forum should be a easier read if you are using your phone.
  2. larry

    New Mobile Device Style

    I refreshed the style cache, hopefully that will fix some of the issues.
  3. larry

    New Mobile Device Style

    OK, let me look into that. I tested it on a IPod touch and it was working good. I will try another phone though. EDIT: OK, You do use the # symbol, with the underscore under it, to jump to the next page. On the IPod when I touched it ( the # symbol ), the IPod brought up a box asking whether it should run Javascript. I touched yes, and it popped up a list with page numbers. Once I clicked yes, it did not ask again. I had to use the IPod again because I have a "dumb phone" that can't surf the web. The gear symbol has options under it too. So, make sure your phones can run Javascript because this style relies heavily on it. The "full version" link should be at the bottom of the page. If it is not there, there is a bug in the code somewhere. If that does not work, I will check the designers page for issues and possible fixes.
  4. larry

    New Mobile Device Style

    This is active again but now you can disable it by clicking the "full version" link
  5. larry

    Please read before posting in this section

    Because the classifieds section is a courtesy to established members. There is a minimum post limit required before you can post a new topic.
  6. larry

    permission to post to classifieds

    You have to become an active member before you can post to classifieds, have a signature and some other restrictions. Plus a garage full of stuff is too much to unload in classifieds anyway.
  7. larry

    Highest Res and Quality From 8 Camera System Under $5,000?

    OK, let's try this again so that the original posters question is answered. Thanks Larry
  8. larry

    Need help with a new installation equipment

    Hello and welcome to the forum. You may have to increase your budget some. A $1000 for 10 cameras and a 16 ch DVR may be asking too much. An extra $500 added may not even be enough; but that is just an assumption on my part.
  9. Sorry Folks, The forum was down - I need to sign up for a site monitoring service - because of an integer value overflow. Basically, a number in the database grew too large for it's storage area and brought down the entire forum I made sure this won't happen again by increasing the storage limit to equal the size of the US debt. It should be fine well into the next millennium.
  10. Yeah, I am still a dinosaur when it comes to the mobile stuff. I have never sent a text message and I don't have a data plan on my limited cell phone. So, I must admit, I have never seen the mobile style in action. I assume the newer sell phones, like iPhone etc, can just surf regular sites like on a laptop. I will disable the style for now because, to be honest, nobody has mentioned they would like to see one installed - at least not recently. Thanks for the info.
  11. I sent you a link to my website, is that not good enough? Would you like me to quote some prices from DWG's site? They took a stool sample before they'd create my account. Here, I think I have some left: No thanks, I'd never take food from a baby.. Dirk_D ..you sent me a PM with a link a web site. How am I supposed to verify it's your site if you don't include your real name in the PM? If you would have just sent me an email from the domain name (hint), you'd be in by now basking in the free perks like hot coffee enemas. Seriously though, just send me the email (admin@cctvforum.com) and you are golden.
  12. Hello All, When requesting entry into the profession forums, you must supply proof via a PM or email that you are illegible for entry. If you were in the private forums before the site redesign then I just look up your user name and re-add you. So for all NEW requests - send me me something I can work with. I will leave it up to you to determine what that will be in your situation.
  13. Yeah, I got it too. I suggest everyone makes a very strong password. Actually, I may enforce a strong password to enhance security. I suspect it was a bot trying to get in.
  14. Hello All, November 2008, will mark CCTVForum.com's 5th Year Aniversary. We would not have made it without all the truly dedicated members and moderators we currently have. A special nod to Rory for being here since day one or two Moving forward through, we'd like to grow the membership here and make the forum more sticky. What I mean by sticky, is the ability to retain members who visit. So, I am asking for brain storming on how to improve CCTVForum.com going forward into the next 5 years. As with all brain storming sessions, there are no bad ideas so don't hold back. So, Please share your ideas for improving the forum. What features, actions, changes do we need to add/make to attract and retain visitors?
  15. larry

    The forum advertisers

    BulkCCTVStore, and I, appreciate you purchasing from a forum advertiser.
  16. Although the forum was down since 8AM, I got pulled away and could not start the conversion right away. I decided to bring the forum back online instead of waiting until everything was complete. This upgrade is a work in progress and there will be issues. So please post them here so I can manage them easier. Some things I already know but I am too lazy to list them all so feel free to bring them up. Thanks and enjoy! Larry
  17. All these groups do is give you a fancy badge (check out thewireguys for example) and gives you the permissions needed to enter the private forums - that's all. Nothing else changes for you. The reasoning is: since you are supposed to be in the profession to enter the private area you, or you employer, should fall within one of these groups. It helps identify what segment you are in within the CCTV industry. @ak357 you can only pick one group which you can change just by letting me know.
  18. ak357, you have to pick a group you would like to be slotted under.
  19. Which text is baby blue? I can try to play around with the stylesheet to darken it more.
  20. On, Friday December 31st, I will start the forum software upgrade/conversion. I will start around 8AM CST and hopefully the site will be back up by 8PM CST. I have some backend work to do too, so that's why it is scheduled to be down for a 12 hour period. I will try to complete everything quickly so there is a possibility it will be back up sooner. I hope that everyone will like the changes that the new forum software version will bring.
  21. Separate video cards are a personal preference of mine. I'd rather not have the integrated video rob cpu RAM for processing video. I have this rule for all my desktops regardless of their purpose. But if you don't plan on reviewing video much, I guess it should not be a problem from what I know.
  22. The geovision is a good card. I'd go with the second system adding an upgrade to a real non-integrated video card and XP
  23. As it stands now: I have tested a conversion to Phpbb3. Everything went well. I have to re-run the conversion process once the design is complete to get a current database. Then I have to build membership groups. I have finally found a designer to redesign the site. We are currently going through design iterations now. I am making a decision on the CMS and available modules. The new forum software and design will be introduced first though. I have to upgrade the current version of PHP & Apache. Although the site was moved to a dedicated server in July. I may move to a larger server. The current server is good but I want to increase disk space and RAM. The forum will be upgraded before the year end. Thanks
  24. As for where to buy; get it from a reputable source, such as one of our advertisers for instance. Just check out each banner until you find one that sells Geovision. A genuine Geovision is a very good card & software. I personally installed an older Geovision GV800 system, so the frame rate stuff is kinda fuzzy to me so I'll let others answer that.