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  1. I've never heard of Active Webcam nor a techwell h.264 card but I am not an expert at CCTV either; so I can't help with your issues regarding those. I do know that Geovision cards come with their own software so you would not need Active Webcam. Can you contact the place you bought the card from for support?
  2. I would suggest going with a four channel Geovision card at first. Then in the future, if needed, add another four channel card into the same computer. You might find you only need four channels after all. The Geovision is more expensive than the card you just bought but I feel you will be satisfied with the Geo card. You check out some of our leaderboard advertisers (banners at the top of forums) for more pricing/feature information. Hope that helps
  3. Did you contact them for support advice? Since they sold it to you they should tell you how to resolve the issue. If they can't do that just send it back and get a better known card.
  4. larry

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Hello

    Hello Nick, Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard.
  5. I don't think they will be a problem any longer
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    Welcome to CCTVForum.
  7. Finally!! I think this time I got it right. I restored the forum earlier but it was missing a good number of posts so I had to delete the tables and reload the database. I don't see many broken links so all should be good. As mentioned earlier, we out grew the server the site was hosted on. I spent today moving all the files and data over to a new dedicated server. The server should be very responsive and all the issues regarding slowness should be in the past. This is just step one though. I still need to find a designer to port this design to a version 3 style. Then I'll upgrade the forum to the latest version of the software. Thanks for all your patience. I apologize for the forum being down for so long. Happy 4th to all our USA members.
  8. Hello All, I created a Magnify.net video site for CCTVForum. The url is www.cctvfootage.com. Since it's a separate, you will have to create your user there too. You can post your own or pull videos from YouTube etc. We'll see how this works out.
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    Slow connection to the forum

    I am going to have to expedite moving to a dedicated server. This site really does not hog resources but I can't think of any other options. Prior to the move I will run a test conversion of the forum to PhpBB3. Then, I have to hire a designer to convert this skin to the new platform as well. That may take about a month as designers are usually undependable. 1and1 will not look into the problem any further because as long as they can pull the site up in a browser; it is working in their opinion. Plus, I will start on adding some of the features suggested. Thanks for your patience.
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    Slow connection to the forum

    The issues with the forums errors and response times have been addressed with the host. I believe most of the error messages have been fixed and the "slowness" should be handled soon if not corrected already. Thanks for your patience.
  11. That's a nice theme. I will consider just modifying a current theme.
  12. Upgrading to Phpbb3 is one of the planned changes. I just have to find someone to convert the current theme to the new platform or just get a new theme designed.
  13. Hey, So far some very good ideas. Keep them coming! Also to C7 in CA, the mods were getting overrun by all the link spam. Thats why the post restrictions were introduced. We can consider lowering the count though.
  14. Hello All, As most of you know the forum was down for a few days. It may have been a server failure or hardware faulure. I really don't know the real reason. The forum is hosted with 1and1 - probably the largest hosting company on the planet - but when dealing with a global company sometimes the explanations get lost in the space. Well, all that matters is its up and its looks like we did'nt lose much, if any data. I had a local DB backup anyway just in case they could not resore it. Thanks for hanging in there
  15. cpeonline, Do you work for this company or know somebody who does? People here are too smart, and get very suspicious, of a new member immediately posting rave review about a newly found product.
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    Well, I think I will lock this thread for now and mark it for deletion. It really isn't a topic for this this forum anyway. People here are savvy enough to distinguish those dealing in fact from those living in a fantasy world.
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    Sorry about your frustration but we had to implement that feature due to robot porn spammers littering the forum with links. May be we can do a better job of informing new members about that restriction.
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    Hello from Milwaukee,WI

    Hello Dan, Welcome to Fantasy Island aka CCTVForum.com. Digicam questions can go in the DVR Card section.
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    Howdy y'all

    Welcome Greg. Don't sell yourself short, I'm positive you have plenty to offer this forum.
  20. larry

    Hi from Switzerland,

    Welcome to the forum Sven. I'm sure members with questions on your products will get in contact with you.
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    Hello from Majenn

    Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us.
  22. larry

    ISC West 2007

    I will be there Tuesday through Thursday but not really for the conference though. Going with some friends that are not interested in CCTV. I may swing through - if I am not too drunk- I'll be the guy handing out CCTV Forum ink pens to anyone who will take one.
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    Links to CCTV Websites HELP!

    If you read the guidelines, you'll notice that we don't allow links to sites you have a connection too. It seems, by coincidence I presume, that every answer can be found on the site you are linking too. If you do indeed have the answers, you can just write them in your posts.
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    Hello from puerto rico

    Hola Frankie, Glad the professional here were able to help you. Spread the word about our forum to your friends.
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    About to put fist through LCD

    cctv_down_under, you should be taken care of now.