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  1. Doug

    Eyemax 9240

    You are logged in to the DVR locally in admin mode, which I believe will prevent remote connections. Log out of the DVR locally and log back in using a non admin user. You should now be able to remotley log in Doug
  2. I have fifteen GV800 capture cards for sale. All are used but in good working order All are older versions some V2 most are V3 sp & s1 chips All are genuine Geovision but will not run software versions later than 6.1 (maybe 6.05-not sure) $750 plus actual shipping costs plus sales tax if shipped to an address in California
  3. Doug

    monitoring disk drive health

    I use drivesitter http://www.otwesten.de/drivesitter/ I have it on about 75 PC based DVR's, it takes a little setting up but it works very well for me. I purchased the licenses in bulk which made it very affordable. You can pretty much configure it to suit your needs to send an email and/or pop-up notification. Doug
  4. Locate & make a back up copy of the dvr2.ini file in the windows directory. Open the DVR2.ini file in the windows directory In the section [users] Delete the line that starts with admin or just add a character to the front of the line so admin is no longer spelled correctly Restart the DVR software and you should be able to log in as admin with no password. You can also delete the DVR2,ini file if you prefer, the software will recreate a new file when you restart the application but you will have to run the DVR file installer utility to tell the system which drives to use for recording. Doug
  5. Doug

    wireless in elevator

    After reading the installation notes, it looks like you may have to install some equipment or cables on the outside of the cab and in the shaft itself which is normaly against code(at least in the US) Doug
  6. Doug

    wireless in elevator

    VideoComm has a wireless elevator system that they claim has a range of 200 floors. I've never tried it so I have no idea how well it works http://www.videotransmitters.com/ http://www.200floors.com/ Doug
  7. Doug

    linksys dns What???

    You should set a fixed local ip in the DVR, either before or after the range of dynamic IPs handed out by the router. If you set the DVR to use a dynamic local ip its likely that it will be handed a different ip in the event of a reboot. The problem will likely be worse if there are other computers connected to the router using dynamic local IP's. I use for the ip address in the DVR but you could use 2 to 99 or 150 and above to avoid the default range of dynamic IP's handed out by the linksys. Doug
  8. Doug

    linksys dns What???

    The modem may be a modem/router set in router mode rather than bridge mode and the linksys is picking up the DNS of from the modem. is the default for many broadband modems and modem/routers, just as you can use as the DNS setting in a computer attached to a linksy router (assuming the linksys setting hasn't been changed), can probably be used as the DNS setting in a computer or other device attached to a modem. You could disconnect the router from the modem but leave the router connected to the computer and then reset the router and you will probably see no DNS, reconnect the router to the modem and it will probably show again.
  9. Doug

    Eyemax AJAX system

    I had similar issues with the pre 9000 series Eyemax cards which I believe were manufactured by a different vendor than the Magic Radar cards Eyemax now uses. I can't recall if it was the Ajax or the Juno I had issues with, but it was using a browser rather than a remote client to connect. I resolved it by pointing the browser to http://ipaddress/nanoweb.html I don't know if this is relevant or not, but it may be worth a try. Doug
  10. Rigid and EMT are two different type of conduit, I've bent 1.25 EMT with a hand bender and it can be hard work, but rigid? I've not seen a hand bender for 1.25 rigid but if such an animal exists it would be a real struggle to bend 1.25 If you're really using rigid then you should either buy pre bent pieces or rent a bender, you'll also need to thread the pipe. If you're using EMT then you should consider using raintight compression fittings, most compression fittings found in HD or Lowes are listed as "concrete tight " not raintight. Doug
  11. Doug

    Right on, Prince Harry

    The King or Queen of England has no power, in the unlikely event that Harry becomes King it won't be his decision to send anyone anywhere much less send troops into combat. Doug
  12. It leaves two INI files in the windows directory capture.ini which stores most of the settings and dvr2.ini which stores the passwords & the drive locations that the DVR will record to Open up the dvr2.ini file in notepad and delete the line in the section [users] that starts with admin= save the file and restart the software, you should now be able to log in as admin without using a password. Go to the settings and create a new password You can also simply delete the dvr2.ini file if you want but you will then have use the file installer in the MagicRadar folder in the start menu to tell the machine which drives/partitions to record to. Doug
  13. I did a not very scientific test on baluns several months ago. I connected a camera up to 350 feet of cat 5. I used a FM systems cam master to measure the loss on sync & colour burst using various balun sets. I used NVT, Muxlab, Nitec and two no-name baluns. One of the no names performed the best in this basic test, keep in mind that a real world test may be different. I used cat 5 on most of my installations and I've used hundreds of baluns, from various manufacturers including cheap $5 no-namers and I really haven't seen much if any difference between them.
  14. Correction, do you have the recording set to R,M or H ?
  15. Do you have the machine set to record either on R,M or S ? Do you see a red or blue icon in the corner of the video when in the control or status screens? Do you have the correct date set on the DVR, if its incorrect it will cause you to be looking in the wrong place when trying to review recorded video ?