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    Motion tracking system

    I am looking for a motion tracking (smart) system that will initially detect motion and then rotate the camera to track a person as they walk through the room. Any suggestions, or will I have to spend alot of money on software design? Thanks.
  2. imcclendon

    how much for installation

    This is his first job. He mentioned this is his "New business" in another post. In that case, do you know what your competitors are charging? A Competitor Analysis is a neccesarry step in your business plan if you have not already done one. Scorpion makes a good point. You have to incorporate your overhead costs and allow for incidentals that you may incur into your price structure.
  3. imcclendon

    how much for installation

    How much do you normally charge?
  4. How about it? Who is going?
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    grrr ebay is getting worse...

    I have been getting quite a few bargains on ebay the last couple of months. Most of them have been toys, but I have picked up a few useful things. I just bought a pelco recessed dome housing m/n ICS-DO151A for $5 before shipping, and now I'm trying to decide what cam I want to put in it.
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    One of the forum's sponsors - Digital Watchguard - is an authorized Geovision distributor.
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    This is a sticky that Rory posted. There are a few AMD systems on this list. Maybe this will help. http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=8971
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    Hey ya'll - from Atlanta, GA

    Atlanta, GA - former home of Ookie the quarterback. Welcome.
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    I remember when..............

    Admiral Jeremiah Denton. The man is a hero.
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    This is hilarious!

    At $8 per hour, you can't really expect first class customer service.
  11. These instructions might be adequate if you install cameras for a hobby, but if you require a cctv system for asset protection or for theft identification, these instructions are oversimplified and are no replacement for an installation by a qualified security installation tech. Unless you have the years of experience and technical expertise to install a properly configured video surveillance system, you should contact a qualified installation company for proper protection of your home or business.
  12. Hi Keith, I only sell this convertor with the purchase of a complete system, but if you do a search for CANTEK BNC TO VGA CONVERTER, you can probably find one. Amazon also has a couple avaliable. Good luck.
  13. imcclendon

    camera's gettin hot??

    Low end cameras and equipment sometimes have less electrical efficiency than higher end cameras that are often engineered to be more efficient. I'm not sure what type of equipment you are using, but you may have a camera that is not very efficient and the wasted energy is dispersed in the form of excess heat around the camera housing. If the camera is still within its operating range, you might have to live with the extra heat.
  14. Try doing a search for a VGA/BNC adapter. The one I sell with systems retails for about $40. Wachhund is right about the lower picture quality, but the picture may be acceptable when considering the space savings of an lcd monitor.
  15. imcclendon

    Schneider Electric buys Pelco

    oh man
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    Schneider Electric buys Pelco

  17. imcclendon

    How do you guy's focus a camera with out two pepole??

    A BNC to VGA Video Converter allows you to connect your camera to a monitor. Try a google search. As a general rule, a monitor will be capable of higher resoultion than a tv, but quality depends on many different factors, whether you have a new or old monitor. For a CRT monitor, you want to have good convergence (clean white lines with no colors on the edges). Good screen geometry; flat screen monitors often have problems with screen geometry due to difficulty controlling electron beams with precision. As a result, vertical lines may be noticeably curved at the edges of the display, and circles may appear oval or egg-shaped. The best CRT monitors include controls that let you adjust the screen geometry; still, it can be difficult to adjust it perfectly in all regions of the screen. Also, pick a monitor with good image regulation; you want an image that does not change its dimensions or distort when the content of the image changes. Poor image regulation can be a problem with lower-priced models and displays that are operated at the upper limits of their specifications. In my last post, I was telling you that you can probably find a deal if you look around for a quality used monitor. Make sure that you find one that is not near the end of its life expectancy, or you will be disappointed in the waste of money. Don't waste your money on a cheap monitor, as you will be disappointed in the image quality, especially when trying to adjust a cctv camera.
  18. imcclendon

    How do you guy's focus a camera with out two pepole??

    You might check into getting a used large (22" or so) CRT. I bought a few dell 22'' monitors from a guy with a warehouse full of used computer parts for about $60 each. Ofcourse I made sure that everything was legit before I bought anything. You could also get a VGA converter to plug your BNC connector into. You might try Craigs list or a local computer store. Good Luck.
  19. imcclendon

    Schneider Electric buys Pelco

    Considering that Schneider Electric has a history of not making major changes to the companies that they acquire, and the fact that Pelco's CEO David McDonald has built the company from the ground up since his group's acquisition in 1987, it's likely that Scneider will leave Pelco structurally unchanged and will mainly make small changes designed to improve efficiency. Schneider did say however, that they plan to change Pelco's overseas business model, as they believe that a strategic change could potentially increase market share in countries outside the US. With that said, the quality of Pelco products, and the company’s outstanding support arm will most likely go unchanged.
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    Need to sell, or trade

    Can you post a closeup picture of the front of the unit?
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    How do you guy's focus a camera with out two pepole??

    Try an RCAmale/BNCfemale adapter, and plug the RCA into your tv. Radioshack usually stocks these.
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    what is the law regarding CCTV signs?

    What is the location of your place of business (ie: city, state, country)? Are you asking whether or not you are legally required to inform employees that they will be surveyed using hidden cameras or by less discrete means? Will you record sound? How will you use the recorded video? Will there be any possibility that the public might be able to gain access to the live/recorded video? -Sorry for all the questions, my legal background is showing itself.
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    auto tracking speed dome

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    Example Videos

    Did the little criminals steal your mail too? I like how they scope out the scene before the little one swoops in for the prize.
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    Geovision in China?

    It might be worth looking into.