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  1. highspeedphysics

    Conduit Rigid EMT Installation questions

    Doug, Thanks for the info. I meant to say I plan to use thin-wall EMT conduit in the 1.25" and maybe 1.5" ? Any ideas if 6 siamese would fit in that along with 2-3 cat5?
  2. Conduit Rigid EMT Installation questions has anyone installed rigid EMT 1.25" conduits and bent these with a hand bender? any techniques or fastening hardware ideas to secure these vertically up a 40 ft. building with wood siding? I am asked to bid on a apartment building with 4 cameras on the roof. They want spectra IIIs or megapixels so I'm going to run a few cat5s with the siamese for each camera. Any ideas?
  3. highspeedphysics

    Megapixel Camera Questions

    As I understand the megapixels contain cmos camera sensors. Now would they be subject to damage/blinding by lasers or powerful flash lights? Thanks for posting that shot, would it be possible for you to post more photos of that 3 megapixel camera with night time as well?
  4. I have some questions about Megapixel cameras. Can you use a regular 1/3" or 1/2" camera lens on a megapixel camera?
  5. highspeedphysics

    Pelco CCTV cameras for sale

    Pelco CCTV Cameras and wiring for sale. These are working cameras, tested and removed from a business due to a upgrade. Reasonable offers will be considered. Located in Northern California, will deal with in person or pay by money order. Pelco Cameras – lens sold separately Qty 7x @ $50 each Pelco CCC1370H-2 MONOCHROME Qty 4x @ $75 each Pelco CCC1380H-6 COLOR $15 each with camera purchase 5 – 50MM Varifocal Lense. I also have some 4-6mm, 2-8mm ones.
  6. highspeedphysics

    Bosch LTC 0455 Repair

    It was a junior technician, he does a lot of grunt work. So he still has a job climbing the ladders and filling stucco holes after conduit is installed.
  7. highspeedphysics

    Bosch LTC 0455 Repair

    I spoke to the technician to get details. They did not turn off the power supply, crimped the end of the BNCs and well the two wires touched the BNC. He didn't realize that the power supply was still on until later on.
  8. highspeedphysics

    Looking for an installer in/around Elk Grove, CA

    There is a really good guy (deluxecctv - dustin). I bought a camera from him once and it was very nice and helpful. He's in Roseville, CA.
  9. highspeedphysics

    Bosch LTC 0455 Repair

    I'm in Northern California. I think they ran power to the BNC by accident or the wires touched the BNC.
  10. highspeedphysics

    Bosch LTC 0455 Repair

    I'm in Northern California. I think they ran power to the BNC by accident or the wires touched the BNC.
  11. highspeedphysics

    Bosch LTC 0455 Repair

    I should have been more clear. Pretty much no video anymore after this incident. I am able to hookup new cameras and complete the installation for the customer. I think my technician shorted or damaged the cameras. Any ideas on repair of bosch ltc 0455 cameras?
  12. highspeedphysics

    Bosch LTC 0455 Repair

    I had an installer working for me today short out 7 Bosch LTC 0455 cameras, they hooked up the power and bnc cable without shutting off the power supply. Does anyone have any ideas on how to repair these cameras or what is damaged?
  13. highspeedphysics

    Want to buy Pelco Spectra III

    Yes I am interested in buying Pelco Spectra IIIs. Where are you located in the united states? I'm in california.
  14. highspeedphysics

    Conduit bend question

    I've been lucky then. I was able to fill the 3/4" with 4 siamese and 1 cat5. although that took a lot of time to pull wire.
  15. highspeedphysics

    Conduit bend question

    Does anyone know if a hand bender for 1 1/2" conduit is available for purchase somewhere in California? Does anyone how many siamese wires will fit into a 1" conduit?