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  1. Tomcctv, got it all connected and nothing coming thru. Called gilbarco help desk as well and the limited information they gave me seems to be that everything is set up correctly. They kept pushing to use com port instead.
  2. okay thanks. Will try this and follow up. Keep in mind, gilbarco help desk has given me IP address of (for server/client) and (for client) which covers both registers I have. According to the technician, both ports are 445 for the receipt printer stream for the back office. I have done ipconfig from the back office PC and only the back office service IP address shows up and nothing else of and gateway of On a previous post you had mentioned using 5551 and 5552 port numbers for register 1 and 2 respectively. Should I use that with the back office server IP address of Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Tomcctv! Alibi ALI-QVR5132h recorder.(Hikvision) Back office is cloud system Modisoft. Just to be sure I understand correctly. I need to run a switch from the port of the secondary router from Gilbarco. From switch run existing back office cable and run a cat cable to my existing switch that my nvr and router are on? From there I need to put the IP address and Port for receipt in the NVR?
  4. Tomcctv, I'm back on this mission to get it resolved. How can I get the back office on the same network as my NVR? My back office computer has 2 NICs (one for internet and one for back office connection to the gilbarco system). Gilbarco help desk has given me the IP address and Ports for the receipt stream. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!
  5. NVR Manual link attached. Thanks page 88 of manual - page 96 of attachment https://www.supercircuits.com/media/docs/ali-nvr-firmware-v4-1-50-manual.pdf
  6. I have the Alibi Ali-NVR5332P. I've attached (attachment in next message) the relevant part of the NVR Manual and also a structure of how the Passport is set up. I can go thru either the com 9 of client and com 16 of combo - both of which are USB's and require a plug and play USB to serial or utilitize the DMZ port of the secondary router (attached here) to access the information. This is all I know so far and don't know if its relevant or not. Thanks again
  7. I had a dual Gilbarco Passport PX60 (1 combo (client+server) and 1 standalone client). I was told I need a Gilbarco's USB-RS232 converter. Part number is M01700B104B, but cannot find this part anywhere. Also I have been told to utilize Gilbarco's back office to identify the IP addresses but I do not have the back office software installed anywhere. I have a 32 channel NVR thru Alibi (IP Cameras) which is POS text ready and requires the IP address and Port for each POS register I wish to overlay (which is both registers). What is the process from start to finish to integrate the system? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, anyone have a successful outcome with text overlay thru Gilbarco Passport PX60 on IP Cameras? Thank you!