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  1. NVR Manual link attached. Thanks page 88 of manual - page 96 of attachment https://www.supercircuits.com/media/docs/ali-nvr-firmware-v4-1-50-manual.pdf
  2. I have the Alibi Ali-NVR5332P. I've attached (attachment in next message) the relevant part of the NVR Manual and also a structure of how the Passport is set up. I can go thru either the com 9 of client and com 16 of combo - both of which are USB's and require a plug and play USB to serial or utilitize the DMZ port of the secondary router (attached here) to access the information. This is all I know so far and don't know if its relevant or not. Thanks again
  3. I had a dual Gilbarco Passport PX60 (1 combo (client+server) and 1 standalone client). I was told I need a Gilbarco's USB-RS232 converter. Part number is M01700B104B, but cannot find this part anywhere. Also I have been told to utilize Gilbarco's back office to identify the IP addresses but I do not have the back office software installed anywhere. I have a 32 channel NVR thru Alibi (IP Cameras) which is POS text ready and requires the IP address and Port for each POS register I wish to overlay (which is both registers). What is the process from start to finish to integrate the system? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, anyone have a successful outcome with text overlay thru Gilbarco Passport PX60 on IP Cameras? Thank you!