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  1. IrishAc

    Hikvision ptz

    Hi guys In the market for a outdoor ptz camera , for a large unlit area . Have vehicles parked potentially 150-300ft away from the camera point so what would you guys recommend for viewing at this distance and how will image quality be at dark with no lighting on site ? Which hikvision ptz would be best suited , budget is about €800 can go a little more if it’s worth it for quality Would love to see some screenshots if anyone fitted a ptz with the similar situation and zooming in on a far away area at dark hours
  2. Hi guys I’m currently in the market for a new camera for one of my premises. I wanted a camera that gives a audio warning message when triggered and even flashing light if possible but the light is not totally essential! I have come across hikvision DS-2Cd2t46g1-41/sl My question is has anyone any experience with this camera, how do they feel it works , is the audio output any use eg would a person in a car hear it or have you needed to add additional speaker if possible? If anyone has any information or suggestions that they did for a similar job in the past id appreciate the help
  3. IrishAc

    Hikvision anpr camera blurry at night

    So can you detail me what exactly I need to do , and what ip do I need (where to find it ) Do I need to download another application thank you for your quick response and help so far it is much appreciated
  4. IrishAc

    Hikvision anpr camera blurry at night

    I Thanks for the reply sir lenscelot I actually tired one more time connecting today via laptop and imvs 4200 and got the cameras displaying . I was able to do basic image adjustments but nothing that helped me improve nighttime image , I have attached some screenshots of what I was able to adjust and how far I got . Am I any closer to resolving this issue or am I just going around in circles??? I have more images if required but could only insert two due to the image size
  5. IrishAc

    Hikvision anpr camera blurry at night

    Thanks for all your replies . Cameras connected directly to nvr and viewing over mobile app but having issues trying to view over laptop to configure settings as previous posts have suggested that i need to do . Can anyone point me what is wrong here and what i need to do to be able to configure these cameras , on nvr it says nvr and cameras are online but having trouble at this step below . Computer is in the same room as nvr and is on the same wifi router
  6. IrishAc

    Hikvision anpr camera blurry at night

    Hi guys back again unfortunately! I have tried adjusting camera via nvr as I cannot seem to view over a laptop/computer as I don’t have the user and password for viewing this way , even though I can via the mobile app (user and password seems not to work for laptop/computer viewing . I can only adjust zoom, iris and focus settings in one section via nvr and in another section I can adjust brightness, contrast and saturation but even by changing these settings none seem to help with white glare . I even tried placing a registration plate 3ft away from camera to configure settings and was still giving a white glare and could just about make a registration out and that was just 3ft away . I noticed there seems to be a beam of white beam of light the comes from this camera which can be seen from another camera I have mounted which seems to be interfering with the registration plates at night , I understand there are settings I can edit over a lepton but how can I access this if I have not the user/password I will attach some photos and one of the beam of light which can be seen from another camera . I hope someone can shed some light on this case and hopefully I can resolve it once and for all Thanks in advanced
  7. Hi I have installed cameras in two of my houses over the last few weeks , I have been using the mobile Hik-Connect app to remotely view and has been working great . I installed a new ampr camera and need to login via a laptop to configure settings but cannot for the life of me find how to login successfully . On my mobile app I logged in from day one via a mobile number and password don’t thibk I ever gave a email . After some research and YouTube videos I see I need to search my IP address in search bar and takes me to hikvision login page , but that’s as far that I can get ! When I try to use the details on the laptop that I have been using to login with the mobile app it’s saying wrong username and keeps locking me out . I have tried using default me such as admin , 12345 for logins but none are working ! Also via the mobile app if I select account settings it’s giving me a user name , which is a few letters and numbers mixed together computer made but even this user does not seem to be working I even tried creating a new hikvision account via there website but when I try to add my device via serial number it’s saying “operation failed , the device is added by other users “. I also clicked the forgot password on login page but is saying no answers is set for security questions and guid file verification seems not to be set either Does anyone have any ideas how I can get around this problem , I just need to login on a laptop once to adjust my ampr camera and then continue using the mobile app 99% of the time . I used Swann system before and that took literally 5minutes to set up on laptop and mobile so I think I must be stuck in a glitch and can’t get past it without some inside knowledge Hope someone can see this as a easy fix thanks guys in advanced
  8. Hi I Recently installed a HIKVISION SMART ANPR CAMERA 8-32MM to my hikvision nvr .I have it mounted before an entrance at about 50-60ft height and 15-20ft from where I am trying to capture reg plates .It works really well during the day capturing reg plates but at night they all have a white glare and does not read any at all .I was told from my supplier it’s already set up by tech guys in the factory and no other settings needed to be adjusted and from what I tried to adjust via nvr options (as this is how I set it up ) there was not a lot to settings available to adjust, only zoom options and the area that I wanted to captureHas anyone else had this problem and how can I resolve this issue ?I have adjust the angle and distance from camera to cars a few times but still does not help once it gets darkAttached photo that may helpThanks in advanced