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    IP camera

    This may be down to what's called ONVIF compatibility. Pretty everything in the last 5 years should be ONVIF 2.4 compliant to work on other manufacturers' recorders but there is still a chance some out there wont meet this criteria. Some cameras however will appear not to work but in reality just need some manual programming. If you are using for example, a Hikvision IP camera on a Dahua recorder, you will first need to log directly into the camera using it's default IP address and enabled ONVIF. It may also require you to create an account on some cameras. From there, you would have to manually add the camera to the recorder, entering all the requested details the recorder asks for. If you are plugging the camera directly into the onboard POE of the recorder however, you will need to manually assign the camera an IP address in the switch range that the onboard POE gives out. Most Dahua units for example are 10.1.1.xx. So you will need to set your camera to an address in that range and then manually add it.
  2. Hi Dave, Is the CAT6 wired in T-568B standard? or are they random but the same at both ends? In CAT5/6, the pairs are twisted a different amount of times as you would know, and this becomes important for IP installation as when they are run a significant length they may drop off. Are the cameras run into their own individual POE ports on the NVR?
  3. A rather late reply, so apologies if you have found a resolution. But, with these cameras, you will need to log into the camera's web interface, go into Setting > Conditions > Audio and switch the Audio In Type, from Line-in to Mic. This should sort your issue.
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    Please HELP! Cameras stuck in CVBS mode

    The problem is that you have changed your camera into CVBS mode and therefore lost the control over co-ax/CAT5 function to access the OSD (On screen Display) menu. Its a catch 22 because to fix the issue you need to undo what you have done but cant because you have no way to control the OSD menu through CVBS. A factory default of the camera should sort this out. Some cameras have a hatch on them with a button inside that needs holding down for 60 seconds as power is introduced to the camera. Others can be taken apart and may have said button on the mainboard. If none of these are available, some have two terminals that need to be bridged in order to short the camera and return it to factory settings.