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  1. Hi there, My setup uses 7 AHD cameras connected with Cat5e ethernet wires through Baluns to an 8-port DVR. I recently noticed that one of the outdoor camera's menus was being accessed without my knowledge. My DVR is connected to my internet provider router through an ethernet cable. I have no idea how anyone could access the camera menu this way. I use an app called "SuperLivePlus" on my iOS/Android phones to access the DVR. Does anyone have an idea how this is possible? Camera: MODEL: 503H AHD (25m) RESOLUTION: 2MP 1080P LENS: 3.6 MM IR DISTANCE: 40 METERS CHIPSET: APETINA TECHNOLOGY: TAIWAN WARRANTY: 2 YEARS USAGE: OUTDOOR / INDOOR VIDEO BALUN 2MP Thanks
  2. hansa

    CCTV Camera board connector

    okay found it
  3. Hi there, Anyone have an idea what does this port do? Any idea what "W" and "R" do?
  4. Thank you so much for your feedback! Appreciate it.
  5. Hi there, I'm trying to convert my CCTV cameras that came with Warm White LEDs to an infrared LEDs. Mainly because night time it illuminate my windows and it is kind a disturbance to my sleep. So I was searching though AliExpress and found lots of IR LED modules/boards, but my question is, If I'm to retrofit an IR LED module, do I have to fit a IR auto Cut Filter module also?
  6. no worries thanks.
  7. thanks for your reply. Can I know the way around this please?
  8. He there, Does anyone have an idea how these XmEye like Apps connect to your recorder at home? Do they directly connect to your recorder through internet and home router or they connect to some other 3rd party server (somewhere else), which our recorder streams too?
  9. sorry if this is crap to you, but I was able to reset my camera password with this software. what do yo mean 80 cookies? that reset pin, i tried grounding when powered on and grounded and powered on, didn't work.
  10. I was able to reset the password using the following tool. I'm sharing this program if anyone else had the similar CCTV unit and need to reset settings. download from here
  11. Hi there, I have this camera module and I forgot the password I set for it. Anyone know how I can reset the password or factory reset?