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  1. Hi @tomcctv, Thank you for replying. I selected this camera based on a PM you sent me about a year ago. Back then, you told me what the trade price of this camera was but as I am not in the CCTV trade but perfectly able to install it myself, my supplier options seem rather limited and the link above is about the best price I can find without writing to CCTV installers to ask for their "supply-only" price. I only need one channel (one camera), but rather than chuck the Samsung in the bin, I was going to locate it in a different location, therefore I would need 2-channels. My QNAP QVS Elite has two licenses (channels) out the box. I don't want to connect a Ring doorbell but rather simulate some of the features and more using Home Assistant. For example: Send a notification to my phone and Google Nest speakers if a stranger is in the driveway. If the doorbell is pressed, focus the camera on the front door and show the footage on the TV. Open the garage door if it detects my car approaching (assuming it's sensitive/accurate enough). I believe the camera is capable but it's whether they expose the APIs. The addon you mention, is that part of the camera or NVR? This is for home use. Thanks again. W.
  2. Hi, Some time ago, I wrote this question and I've been kindly recommended the Qvis Viper PTZVIP-4-4MP-25X-V3 by @tomcctv. DTS Digital CCTV will supply it, however, they're recommending I purchase the Qvis Viper NVR (VIPER-NVR-4K2-4BB). My current setup is a Hanwha XNV-8081Z with a QNAP running QVR Elite. I have a number of issues that I understand will be resolved because most of the "smart" functionality is processed at the camera as opposed to the NVR doing the work. I understand the Viper is a re-branded TVT and I believe this particular camera is this one. QVR Elite supports ONVIF and some TVT cameras, however this particular model is not on QNAP's hardware compatibility list. I plan to hook it up to Home Assistant to provide Ring doorbell-esq functionality. Home Assistant has an existing add-on that supports cameras via ONVIF. Is the additional Viper NVR a legitimate requirement? I guess I can try without and buy it later. What additional functionality does this NVR give, or why would it be recommended? My current system records constantly and stores about 7 days on 1 stream. What size HDD would be required to retain this period? What functionality is lost between native Viper/TVT APIs and ONVIF. Does Qvis/Viper/TVT publish comprehensive publicly available RESTful APIs that I can utilise to write a Home Assistant add-on? Does Qvis/Viper/TVT regualry send out firmware updates? I notice this camera has been on the market for some time. Is a replacement due? Sorry for the long post, but my current Hanwha is very dumb, alerting on pixel change. No tracking or scanning. I was in a rush, didn't do my research thoroughly and got my pants pulled down by the supplier, so I can't afford to make the same mistake again. I'd be tremendously grateful for any further help and advise. Thank you in advance. W.
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    Hanwha: Expensive mistake

    I'm in the UK, not far from Southend-on-sea.
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    Hanwha: Expensive mistake

    Thank you for pointing out the bit about the 360 and Joystick. I missed that. I don't have any recourse with the supplier as I asked them to supply the specific camera. It's almost impossible to find companies that will supply these cameras to public Joe, so my attentions need to focus on Hanwha. These manufacturers strike deals with suppliers but the suppliers only deal B2B and finding an "installer" that will be buying from one of these official suppliers is almost impossible. Coupled with the additional requirement that I'd like the camera to be on QNAP's QVR Elite support list - which is one of the main reasons I ended up with this particular camera. I note the Axis and Hanwha "real" PTZ cameras are around 3-4 times the price I paid for this one. You mentioned I could have bought a real PTZ for a lot less. Could you name-drop some brands, please? Requirements: Clear picture that can be used to actually identify people and number plates - even at night. PoE (IEEE 802.3af/at) Preferably on QNAP's QVR Elite support list, worst case ONVIF 270 degree (or more) PTZ with area monitoring/scanning and tracking with zoom IP66 - Outdoor use What I would like to be able to do is set it up to sweep between ~4 positions 270 degrees apart and if it detects something moving, start recording, zoom in on and track the object. Due to the odd shape of my house, I'd need about 6 statics or 3 PTZ for complete coverage. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, It looks like I have made a very expensive mistake. I bought an XNV-8081Z camera that can Pan, Tilt and Zoom, but apparently isn't a PTZ camera. I bought it hoping to utilise features such as auto-tracking, autorun, swing, tour, and trace functions. According to this article, I have bought a PTRZ camera and what Hanwha support call, a "static" camera. To the less-informed, could anyone tell me why a manufacturer would go to the expense of making a camera P, T, Z'able but not enable such features? Is there a difference in the components used and what is the market for such a camera? Are there any "hacks" that will enable the features I require or is it destined for file 13? For background, after contacting Hanwha, I understand I shouldn't have been sold this camera as I am not a "CCTV Installer" and as it was sold supply-only, I have no support. Many thanks