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Found 5 results

  1. I moved into a house a couple of years ago, it has a QVIS Viper NVR with 2 cameras connected but the previous owners didn't leave us the password. When I connect to monitor, I can see the two live feeds from the camera but can't click anything, all I get is the 'Start Wizard' screen which asks for a username and password. I have tried 1234, 123456, ad^min, and leaving it blank, none of these work so I'm guessing the password was changed. I have taken the unit apart and there is no factory reset button. I have also tried finding the J1, J2 jumpers but can't find these either. Does anybody have any other ideas or can anybody provide me with a reset code? I will try to take a pic of the reset password screen. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Hi All, I am having same issue Admin Password was set some time ago when i had a take away, now i have come to install it in to a frends pub Admin password for the life of me i have tried all my usual ones. Make is : Qvis pion-mk3-8bb Date showing is 2021-08-12 time 23.00 https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/f4c8986c-166a-46f7-9c61-18fc244a8fe7 Many thanks in advance if some technical wis is able to asist me have a great day and stay safe Gareth
  3. Help Please Ive been given a qvis dvr which is working fine but I cant access anything as I don't know the password and the guy i've got it from cant remember it any default passwords I can use
  4. jgoo9410

    Qvis Password Reset

    First post here. I'm having a bit of bother with a Qvis system I have. Our installer has disappeared leaving me with the system he installed to manage myself. My most immediate issue is that I am locked out! I know there are ways to reset the password from the recovery option and I was wondering if anyone here had the facility to generate the required code? My system is a Qvis Viper and I can provide the date-time information if required.
  5. Hi,We have several 16 channel QVIS Pioneer Trio MK3 DVRs with all attached cameras on AHD 1080p over shotgun cable.I recently bought a couple of QVIS 5X-P400-VFG cameras to add on but, with the camera set to AHD, I can get no stream coming to the channel from the camera.It does work on analogue but we don't want that.I know the DVR port & cable works with another camera.Wondering if there's an incompatibility with the DVR and the 5MP cameras but I've been unable to find any information on this.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks