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  1. msnancy

    Replacing system with more cams...

    I think the weatherproof IR dome cameras and color dome cameras can meet your forsaid requirements, $1500.00 is enough for buying brand new 10pcs such kind of cameras with resolution of "1/3" sony CCD,420TVL" why not consider to buy from China ? due to the crisis, lots of excellent manufacturers are selling their stocks at very low prices. Good luck!
  2. msnancy

    Hello from Chicago

    respectful, hi Andres, welcome and enjoying here.
  3. msnancy

    Greetings Veterens of CCTV

    Hi, welcome to the community , you got the right place , if you'll DIY, you can post your security requirements here, there are lots of professional persons here can give you a brain storm.
  4. msnancy

    Hello from Northern Califfornia

    welcome to the community I know Califfornia from the Eagles'song
  5. msnancy

    Hi, This is edward

    hi Edward, enjoying here
  6. msnancy

    Buyers Groups

    Actually there are many suppliers in this site are trade companies, only you give them money whatever you want they can give you, business exists risk ,the most important thing stay alert and have a contaction in your source area
  7. I wonder what's the standalone DVR format when you use and get a perfect image ? if it is in NTSC then your PC DVR without NTSC format will be the source of the problem.
  8. No, I don't think it is a good idea to cutting a hole on the dome, C7 is right, make sure that the rubber ring slide to the end of the cover glass, otherwise the LED light will get into the lens that will make the glare and fog, the last way is to remove the dome cover, good luck to you
  9. Hi Rory, welcome back, seems that your old friends miss you much
  10. msnancy

    cybervision sv1000 motherboard problem

    I wish I can help you, but unfortunately I have not use the model before, expect the expert
  11. msnancy

    Hello everyone~I'm pigcho from HK

    welcome pigcho, I am little earlier than you
  12. msnancy

    Best License Plate Capture cameras

    I know lots of installers and private users like to buy the devices from the local distributors, if you have experience with dealing with Chinese company, I do have a professional China based license plate capture camera manufacturer recommendation, I have ever bought one for my foreign friend personally.
  13. msnancy


    Somebody here who heard about CPSE that is hold in Shenzhen every two years ? CPSE--China Public Security Expo
  14. It looks like a very nice company I am very interested to know the details about making Ads here, somebody can help ?
  15. msnancy

    Do you use SourceSecurity.com?

    It is true , it is only of benefit to the advertisers, lots of companines are willing to do promotion on it, maybe this is the reason why it is a busy website