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    Yes I agree, domestic customers are a pain in the arse most of the time. They think the best equipment costs about £200 quid and we should fit for minimum wage rates. Well sorry Mr domestic customer , I can network a cctv system for remote viewing in about 5 minutes, which is about 6 days ,15 hours and 5 minutes faster than you, so that is why we charge what we do ! LOL!!! Thank you for the laugh! You are so correct! Atleast 95% of customers are that way especially here in the US.
  2. Thank you Soundy for the great reply and very helpful. Fiber would be great but I cannot run fiber. Thank you.
  3. kidsusuki

    CCTV Installers in RI or CT Area

    LOL yes sorry just been really busy and not on here much. I sure will as soon as I get some. I need to learn more about you. Contact me at my office 407-574-8900 I'm in mass and my phone is IP based. I just kept the 407 for Florida customers. Sorry if I'm seem shady but I'm just to busy. I should have more assistance in weeks to month to help with this sort of things. LOL TTYL
  4. kidsusuki

    CCTV Installers in RI or CT Area

    Hello guys, You are right, I didn't think of it that way. I was just trying to get work out to some of members out here and to network with them. My line of thinking at the time was to call me office 407-574-8900 and get to know me. As to the resume, I wasn't asking for it without first talking with me. Sorry for the alarm. I will try moving it to the correct section. Thank you Francis
  5. kidsusuki

    two PCI GV-800 16CH to 32CH

    FOR OF ALL. Where did you get them and are there anymore? lol I'm working on that project as we speak and if you don't already have the information. Please reply so I'll know. I'll be posting results soon.
  6. Hello, Please forgive me if this is already out there. I tried searching and didn't find anything similar. I have been reading alot on running cat 5 cable for video, power and whatever else. Cat 5 cable can run video and power to 1000 feet but will this cause video distortion? And issues with power and video running inside the cable? I have run some camera at most 250 feet and others 100 to 150 feet both 12 vlt and 24 vlts with 24 vlts I doubled up on the power because of the distance and PTZ consuming more volts. The environment that I'm working in is high voltage, metal and steel yard. After days of pulling information from them they tell me after the fact that theres high voltage electrical running in certain area. Two questions: whats the best type of cable to run in an environment like that? And does cat5 have any known issues with running power and video in the jacket sleeve? What prompted this was a salesman telling me that running cat 5 at long distance will cause video problems within the cat5. When asked about what cables to use he answers by telling me camera specs give answers. I thought camera specs amp an A was................. just that. Amps will cause video distortion if running power and video in cat5. I'm in disagreement. Open for professional answers and not guestimates. Has anyone done long distance cat5 cable run in a high electrical environment? Kid
  7. Hello anyone from the Northshore area of Mass or in mass? Are there any groups so I can communicate with? Nice meeting everyone. I'm new and on here once in a while. Hopefully I'll be on more to share my thoughts and opinions.
  8. kidsusuki

    Hello From Boston Mass

    Hi everyone!!! Is there a Boston Mass group and anyone on here from Mass area, or surrounding states such as NH,VT ect? Thank you
  9. kidsusuki

    Looking for CCTV Installers

    Thanks Numb-nuts.
  10. kidsusuki


    I’m looking to purchase an Avermdia hybrid card NV64800EXP. I have the specification from the manufacture and for this system I’m getting many different specifications. I’m building a pc based system and using this pci card. I do have a computer hardware background but haven’t been in the game for years. So I can follow with your recommendation. But with the ever revolving new technology with boards, cpu and technicians not know what they’re talking about is confusing. I would think that any pc based computer that is over the specifications for examples: SYSTEM RECOMMENDATION 1. Pentium® 4 3.2 GHz or higher 2. Dual core CPU is highly recommended Mother Board Motherboard with Intel 915 / 945 / 955 / 965 / 975 / P35 / P45 chipset and N! VIDIA nForce™4 Ultra MCP,nVidia nForce 570 SLI chipset RAM 1GB or higher Graphic Card 32-bit high color SVGA graphics card with 128MB video memory and DirectDraw® / YUV Rendering Capability HDD 120GB or more Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet card OS Windows XP Professional / Vista / 7 32bit/ 7 64bit Others ! PCI-Express x1, Sound card and speakers I’m finding newer boards and cpu such as Intel P43/ P55/ P67 with Intel core 2 duo e7500 instead of the above specification. Can anyone provide there experience and findings.
  11. kidsusuki

    Looking for CCTV Installers

    Where looking for CCTV installers in the northshore of Boston, Mass. Contract work for a project. If interested and want more information please email us at Mcccorp1@yahoo.com. Serious inquirers only. We have only used your site a few times. Sorry if this is not acceptable.
  12. kidsusuki

    CCTV Installers in RI or CT Area

    No problem about ct. Have you reply to mcccorp1@yahoo.com with a resume. If you are interested please submit a resume to us or call me at 407-574-8900 my name is Francis.
  13. kidsusuki

    CCTV Installers in RI or CT Area

    Looking for someone in the RI or CT area to do an installation contract work. Please contact me for more information on here or via email mcccorp1@yahoo.com. Please foward a resume if you have one. This just came up and posted information quickly. Thanks.
  14. Hello and thank you for the information. I didn't realize that. Good to know.
  15. Hello, Can I get some feed back from professional or those who know the industry. If you are not the 2 above I don't mind your imput but please state your own opinion. Are CCTV from china better quality then those bought in the USA? Hows the industry work are all products bought in china then brought here and name changed? Thanks