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Security infrastructure upgrade

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Hi all

I am an electrical eng. doing an instrumentation project and I kindly need your input. I am upgrading a 4KM perimeter security infrastructure around a high-security premise. The client does not have a problem spending money on a decent upgrade that will replace the existing 25 years old system.

The existing infrastructure consists of 56 analogue cameras, microwave detectors, coaxial cable network, 8 field PLCs, a master PLC and a video recording units. The microwave detectors senses intrusion around the fence and relay information to the master PLC. The PLC then instructs the recording unit to record images from the camera closest to the intrusion point.

Flood light lit-up the perimeter sufficiently enough to see the perimeter clearly at night. Power cables are also in good condition and need not be replaced. Use of cameras for motion detection has been completely ruled out; hence the client insists that microwave detectors must be used jointly with the cameras.

I suggested to him that we replace the entire system with IP camera, IP microwave detectors, single-mode fiber-optic back- bone and a server.

From anyone with good subject knowledge:-

• Is my suggestion valid?

• How reliable are wireless cameras for such a project with a view of saving the cost of fiber optic backbone?

• What type of IP cameras and IP microwave detectors should I consider for this type of an upgrade?

Any input is welcome.

Thanks a lot.

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woodyads is someone that you may want to talk to. He does a lot of this kind of stuff on the job.




You can go through his posts to see some of the information that he has posted about his experiences, and how he has set up a security perimeter around a mining pit.


Very interesting material to read.



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Thanks alot Scopion. I found the web to be very informative. However I could not get hold of Woodyadv, I hope he is reading this post.

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