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Just quoted this job, would be nice to install! ) (approx $60K)



1x GE Interlogix 16 channel 160GB DVR/Multiplexer w/Lan, w/Keypad

1x GE Interlogix 19” High Resolution Color Monitors

1x GE Interlogix Keypad Controller

1x EMI DVR Lock Box

1x 16 channel Power Supply Isolated 24VAC

1x UPS w/ Line Conditioner



1 Full Channel Cable TV RF Modulator (watch on selectble channels on all TVs)

1 Cable TV RF Filter

1 NVT 1662R Active Transceiver UTP Hub 16 channels

14 NVT 211TM UTP Video Transmitters


Cameras & IR

14x Extreme CCTV EX82 Day/Night Infrared Cameras, Black Housing

14x Extreme CCTV EX82 Cable Management Mounts

2x GE Interlogix Rugged Day/Night Mini Dome, 4-8mm, Auto Iris

2x GE Interlogix Rugged Mini Dome Cosmetic Wall Mount

2x Extreme CCTV 40’Infrared LED, 840nm Invisible Lighting, 60 degrees wide

3x Extreme CCTV UF500 Infrared LED, 940nm Invisible Lighting, 60 degrees wide

3x Extreme CCTV UF500 Power Supply



3x GE Interlogix Keypad Controllers (for control at TVs)

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