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Pole Mounted camera with issues when pole light comes on

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I have a camera mounted on a metal pole for a hotel. It starts flipping out like a very bad ground loop iolation problem at the same time every night when the lights come on (sign lighting). In the morning and throughout the day its fine. I have narrowed it down to only when the electricity going through the pole comes on is when it starts.


Does anyone have any good tricks or recommend any isolators (by links or model numbers) that they have used for thier more serious problems. Im trying not to have to remount the camera yet. I also wanted to see if there was an isolater I could put at the recorder end (if thats where the issue starts at) mainly cause the camera is 50ft high. Thanks

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Too hard to guess.


First it could be a difference in ground potential once the power is energized.


You would only be able to isolate this problem by insulating the camera from the pole. You can take those plastic signs that say car for sale, garage sale ect, and cut that to the shape of your mount, and place it between the mount, and the pole. The screws will have to be non conductive. You can check the screws with a meter to check for continuity.





For giggles you can take the ground of the video cable, and tie it to the pole to see if it fixes it, or makes it worse.


You would have to get a BNC device so that it sits between the cable, and the camera lead, and this will allow you to ground it.


For reference you probably seen something similiar with the satellite dish companies use on the coax from the dish to the house, and then they tie it to the ground of the electrical system from the power company. This is the same as the cable company. I know you cannot use F connectors, but you can think of something I am sure.




Perhaps you can use F connector to BNC adapters?



You would probably have to make small jumpers with different connectors on each end.


Perhaps a surge protector?



What do you think?

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I had this problem before, turned out to be an issue with the electrical ground.


The environment was that of a warehouse, where the electrical to the pole was energized on a different phase to that of the Camera/DVR.


I tried powering the camera locally but this cased another issue creating what is referred to as a ground loop, causing the picture to roll or jitter.


I ended up strapping a double 1' piece of Trex (synthetic deck board) to the pole and then mount the camera on the Trex.


Been working great since then (over 2 Yrs).

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sounds like you need a Video isolation transformer.


or maybe try a cat5 balun system


If all else fails wireless or fiber will fix it > If proper grounding wont fix it.

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