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Expert Advice Needed - Outdoor Surveillance Plan

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Hi All,


I keep my boat on an empty plot of land which is somewhat isolated. I've recently had that boat stolen and no luck in recovering it. I'm working on getting a replacement but I'm first trying to design a CCTV system on the land. I've attached a map that shows the dimensions of the house lot.


Red Dots

The red dots are locations where I am placing a 12 foot light pole with a 200watt Metal Halide fixture on top to keep the area illuminated. This is where I intend on placing the cameras to which I have the following questions;


1.) Should I also install twin 150watt motion sensor lights on each light pole to give an extra burst of light if an intruder walks by? I am thinking the following fixture;




2.) Should I use regular bullets or Vandal Resistant domes? Please note that this can sometimes be a windy location with salt spray, so that is why I was considering the dome version.


3.) Will IR be required considering the above lighting?


4.) Should I go with an IP based system or HDcctv/regular CCTV combo? I am thinking of having 8 cameras, where at least two of them need to be high resolution (towards the back of the boats) so that we can hopefully get facial features (versus just a shadow).


5.) The green arrows are places where I need the cameras (my guestimate).


Green Dot


This is where I built a concrete box to house the DVR or NVR (which ever option I end up going with.) I would like guidance on which of the two options can handle slightly more heat (ie 80 - 90 degrees) inside the box. They were not planned on being AC'ed, but I have designed ventilation into the enclosures to keep a good flow of air through the system/enclosure. Also please note that the central area is a couple hundred feet away from the red dots. The yellow dotted line shows the location of the trench for the cabling.


I will want to remotely view these from android, computer, ipad etc. I will have ADSL connectivity.




At first glance the system I had looked at was the following;


Everfocus EDRHD4H4/4 - Quantity: 1

Everfocus EHD500IR - Quantity: 4

Everfocus EHH5241 - Quantity: 4


I would use to 4 HD cameras for important areas to the backs of the boat, but now I am wondering if I should go the IP route where I can get even clearer imagery.


Any help would be appreciated, or even guidance or a referral to someone who can design/quote this system.


The budget is around $3000 - $4000 total (DVR, cameras, etc).




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You may want to look at a company called FutureSentry, their device might work very well for this.



+ 1 for futuresentry. and also put the sensors on the boats and in the ground around the perimeter. you can have upto 15. sensors.



there system comes with everything except camera. it take analog or MP. i would look at installing Arecont D/N cameras into the housing

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If I went the HDcctv route, how far is too long for a run back to the DVR? Is 300ft still okay?


Yes, 328 ft

but some of us sometimes exceed limitations here and there a little

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The HDcctv systems do not function well in low light and poor weather so i would take them out of the mix.


NVR's do not like heat. They are servers and have you ever seen a server room without A/C?


A well built DVR like the Bosch 600 series is your best bet for this application.


I would use dome cameras over bullet cameras for this. I have been in the security industry for 12 years and i can't tell you how many time I have seen a soccer ball under a poll with a bullet camera looking at the Sky. I dont care how tight you lock it down if someone want to knock the camera out of its field of view a soccer ball will do it every time.


Bosch has a new product line called their Advantage line. They have a IR mini dome that I have used in everything from homes to High security military bases.



Consider using one thermal camera and two IR domes. It will increase the cost of your total system but the results will be a system that works day or night. The thermal camera can be set up to activate a beeper on the DVR when it seems motion.

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