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Help with RS485 for PTZ camera

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Hello everyone.


I am installing an cctv system for the first time and now I got stuck on the rs485 part, hope you can help me out.


So I have 4 PTZ 3,5" domes and one 8 ch DVR.


Getting an image is easy (I just connect the BNC cable and the power cable and I get image). But getting the PTZ to work is hard for me. I tried a few cables including 2 wires from an UTP cable but none worked so I don't actually know what an RS485 cable is then.


I did set the baud to 2400 (default) and the channel + address. But it didn't seem to do the job.


So I am hoping you guys understand my situation and can help me out.


Many thank's in advance.

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It is polarity sensitive, and all you need is a pair of wires.



you shall put rs 485 to keyboard

and video through UTP

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If protocol, baud rate and address all right between DVR and PTZ. There are two kinds of problems may lead to PTZ out of control.


1. The RS485 chip on PTZ can't work with the RS485 chip on DVR.

2. The distance is a little far from DVR to PTZ. The RS485 signal from DVR can't touch PTZ. At this time, you should add one RS485 repeater.

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