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Can you Guess what it is yet ?? DVR identification required

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Hi guys,


My name is Danny and i have joined this forum for your expert advice !


I have had a 4 channel CCTV system with a standalone DVR set up in my house for around a year now and after 2 power cuts in 1 night my DVR seems to have given up. It boots up and allows you to do everything as normal except no picture is displayed from any of the cameras. All cameras are still operating as the IR lights still come on at night.

Identifying the DVR is proving rather difficult The DVR has no branding and there is no manufacturer details except for "serial number DVR04H" in the settings. Since the power cut "comstring.comunreg" has been displayed in the top right corner of the screen.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, as at the moment I have no idea. I have tried various firmware downloads but no luck as of yet. Is identifying and then restoring/upgrading firmware the best route or could something else be the problem



Here is some pictures to help the identification






Thanks in advance




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Have you done system restore ?


Tried connecting the BNC of one camera straight to Scart / Phono to check cameras are actually working?

Tried logging into the DVR on web on LAN?


Its in QVIS/Dahua style case but the insides could be anything

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I haven't got the correct connections to test the cameras independently but I'm sure they are working. The fact that it's displaying an error message on the screen at all times makes me think it's the DVR.

I don't have the disc that came with the DVR, so system restore is not an option. I have reset the DVR back to manufacturer settings.


This is why I really need to identify it, so I can download the correct system update and get it working again. I have checked online and I can't find a picture of it on any of the manufacturers you guys have mentioned


Any other options ?

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Also whenever I try to upgrade with a usb stick is says " open file failed"


and when I try to upgrade through the network with a config tool it asks me for password and user name, which aren't the password and username for accessing my DVR . where would I find these ??

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Hi. With a power cut I would look at your camera power supply first.


As far as firmware update ..... I would hold off from doing that just now as that unit will need two updates .........you will damage it not going first update then second update ..... And the software HAS to be PAL

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