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Morning All, I work in a school and we use a bunch of Panasonic WV-SF332 cameras with Avigilon software. We currently pay astronomical prices to have cameras added and install (£2000 for one last week) and as a school it is a shame to see funding being used in this way.

Could Anybody recommend an alternative camera that we could use on this system? I am unsure whether we can just plug in any old IP camera and expect it to work? Whether I need to look for particular features / standards? 


Any help greatly appreciated!

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Hi. Selling you discontinued cameras is a bad start. 

as for £2000 cost ... that would depend on the camera install .... distance of new cable and how installed ie conduit or groundwork. 

is this a private school ???? Your right local authority schools would not have that expense. 

as far as avigilon..... it is not a plug and play system and you will find that your system will have a system manager either school IT or school has a contract with the install company. either way the manager is the only person who can add cameras. 

yes avigilon system can run other makes of cameras cheaper than your Panasonic...... I don’t know what licence costs you have but I would ask the question why your install company is not using avigilon cameras....... there same price as your Panasonic But better and no charge for licence

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