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  1. larry

    Video Cables

    Is this new system replacing an existing system? I thought you said you needed longer cables. I've never heard of a Sansco system so I looked it up: Is this similar? Because those cables in the image look proprietary https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIABX95F16844
  2. larry

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    To be fair, Dahua also had a backdoor discovered too: https://ipvm.com/reports/dahua-backdoor But since Hikvision is actually partially owned by the Chinese government, the company is justifiably more scrutinized and their backdoors are deemed to be more deliberate than mistakes.
  3. larry

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    As far as appearance, indoors, i would pick a mini dome over a turret.
  4. Also check the configuration of the camera that always works against the one that doesn't. It could be as simple as a setting that's different
  5. try resetting the camera and see how long it lasts before giving this error again. Also, are both cameras running the same firmware.
  6. larry

    Video Cables

    If it's a new system it's more than likely cat5e or cat6. You can just order more cat5e.
  7. I don't think there is. I think it should detect it on it's own if it works and is installed correctly. Then you go into the system/hdd menu and initialize it
  8. I agree, to each his own opinion. People can investigate and decide for themselves.
  9. if you haven't already try this site to find the url https://security.world/rtsp/ or try to build one using known parameters https://www.leadtools.com/help/leadtools/v19/multimedia/filters/rtspsourceurlsyntax.html
  10. No problem. There are only a few big cctv manufactures and most of them are in China so you don't have a broad list of options to choose from. Dahua has been mentioned here for years so they are pretty reliable.
  11. Generally, I think you have to use the same NVR manufacturer to make full use of that cameras features; and in most (if not all) cases you just can't connect, for example, a Hikvision cam to a Dahua NVR. If you think you want to mix cam manufactures then you're looking at a hardware NVR (basic PC) coupled with a VMS like Milestone, Luxriot (both have free versions) or any other of commercial or free VMS of your choosing. There is nothing wrong with sticking with a Dahua NVR
  12. I think he also owns a hosting company so he has access to multiple IP addresses. To be honest, I don't care whether he participates on this site or not as long as he is in full control of himself and he understands his opinions are not gospel - at least not gospel on this site.
  13. One of the reasons for the inactivity is that we recently switched the forums' software from Phpbb (used for 15 years) to IPS which has negatively affected the sites' Google indexing. I am hoping this is just temporary and will eventually pick back up. I feel making the jump to new software will be beneficial in the long run. Another reason is that I personally neglected this site and failed to implement SSL (https) early; which also killed the Google indexing. That's all in the past now and things will start to pick up around here soon.
  14. If you haven't put it together yet; hd908 is fenderman (owner/admin) from the forum you got banned from and he can't be removed from this forum because he keeps coming back. It is interesting that he would make that comment about the Chinese though considering they (his site) sells rebranded Hikvision products. I will clean this topic up and close it to new comments so we all can get back to the true purpose of this forum; helping everyone.
  15. sounds like we got a visit from boogieman aka fenderman aka hd908 aka ? other members...