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DW was installed where I work a few years back. They are good cameras, provided you take the time to set them up right- which I did and the original installers did not. During the monsoon rains last week, two of the domes took on water and out they went for good. Looks like they didn't seal them well on the exterior of the warehouse wall and water got inside the domes. They may have not even been outdoor rated domes for all I know. They did last a few years anyway. Your night shot looks really good. The day shot kinda makes me chuckle, because I watch MP cameras more frequently now. A year ago I would have thought that to be superb. Now...! But it's analog! Anyway, thanks for the pics.

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Believe me, I say the same exact thing! I keep focusing and focusing and thinking something is wrong. I'm so used to

IP cameras and the clarity of them, it throws me off with these analog cameras. LOL.

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