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Anyone have experience with wireless covert cameras? I need to do an install in a one bedroom apartment.

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I have helped a couple of my local customers set up wireless covert systems just for the hands on experience. Its really hit and miss, you never know whats going to cause interference till you have the equipment onsite. With a one bedroom apt. it shouldn't be to hard, I would try not to use 2.4 though, especially in an aparment complex. Microwaves, cell phones, cordless phones,90% of wireless computer equipment and thats just to name some of the stuff that uses 2.4ghz. Is your place a studio or 1 bedroom w/ kitchen and bathroom seperate? I have found that the lower fequency's are better for going through walls although the video isn't as good. Just make sure you get equipment that has a 30 hit and miss clause, meaning if it doesn't work you can return it and keep trying.

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While we are on the subject of covert cameras how about some recommendations on some wired type?


I guess what would be interesting is for people to post about which cameras they have used in different situations.


And it is a covert camera just a camera in disguise?


And a hidden camera is something that is introduced into the environment that is not easily noticed whereas a covert camera can be?

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I prefer the GE line for their professional housings, they use their GE sentrol housings on most of them


The cameras themselves arent anything special, just fixed lens cameras, they are high lux so need BW if you need low light, but you can get 480TVL color Smoke Detector cameras, and also multi lens versions.


Ive also used Provideo and other OEMs, they are generally more sensitive for lower light apps, but look less professional, and dont have the High res in the smokes.


Here is my choice of covert cameras:






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How big and noticable is the memocam? How does the client watch it, is it video or picture? Howard, can you PM me with a price? The client has a one bedroom apartment. She suspects an apartment employee entering her apt. when she is gone and going through her stuff. The camera needs to be undetectable.

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Alot of my customers pick these up:




They come in:


B/W Hardwired

B/W 2.4Ghz Wireless

Color Hardwired

Color 2.4Ghz Wireless


When I first got them in, I could barely tell where the camera was located!

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From experience we stay well away from clocks.


Somebody must always set the time to their watch, whether the watch is correct or not,they can't help it.


A Memocam unit is the same size as a PIR.


You can wire it to a monitor if you desire or it records images onto a SD card which you take away & read on a computer.

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They work real good. They come in 64mb or 128mb models. You basically press record, set it on the bookshelf or wherever, and let it do its thing.



# 1/4 Color CMOS Camera with 64Mb Flash RAM

# 90 Degree FOV

# Covert 3.7mm Pinhole Lens

# 0.80 LUX

# 640x480 or 320x240 Recording Modes

# High/Medium/Standard Recording Quality

# Selectable Motion Detection Sensitivity

# Record speed range from 1 frame every 10 seconds, or as fast as 15 frames per second @320x240

# Records up to 8000 frames in 320x240 standard mode, or 2000+ frames in 640x480 HQ mode

# Time and Date Stamp

# Searchable Play-Back

# Playback via TV

# Uses four AA batteries (6 hour battery life), or use the provided AC Adapter.

# Can be mounted to a wall via the included tilt/ swivel bracket or just set on a desk or counter top.

# PAL or NTSC ready

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