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Need a really good hd nightvision cctv cam

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I’m looking to buy a single cam but the night vision must be really good and also be hd, any suggestions on which one to buy ?

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Define what you mean by "HD," please?  Technically speaking: "High definition" is 1280x720 or better.  That would be a 2MP camera.

Secondly: As resolution (megapixels) goes up, light sensitivity drops and noise increases.  Thus, in low-light conditions a lower resolution camera can out-perform higher-resolution one for image detail.  Search on it.  There are plenty of real-world examples.

As an example of sensor megapixel count vs. light sensitivity, consider the specs of two otherwise identical cameras: The Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE (2MP):

Minimum Illumination: 0.006Lux/F1.4 ( Color,1/3s,30IRE), 0.05Lux/F1.4 ( Color,1/30s,30IRE)

and IPC-HDW5431R-ZE (4MP):

Minimum Illumination: 0.03Lux/F1.4 (Color,1/3s,30IRE), 0.3Lux/F1.4 (Color,1/30s,30IRE)

The 2MP camera has five times the light sensitivity at a 1/3 sec. frame rate and six times the light sensitivity at a 1/30th sec. frame rate.

OTOH: If you're relying on IR illumination it's not such a big deal and more megapixels may be advantageous for you.

The other thing you may wish to take into account is your display capability.  It boots nothing to have a 4K camera and a non-4K display.  The camera may see the detail, and the NVR record it, but the display won't render it, so you won't see it.

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We must know what kind of dvr or NVR you have......

You could get away with using a IP camera and log into it direct....You could even hook it right up from the app....

If you want good night vision, maybe go with a Starlight Camera...  They have great resolution at night, and if there is enough ambient lighting, you can switch it to color at night!


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