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    Ok I registered so I could give some feedback. I have a Lorex 4K camera system that has only six wires on the Camera side of the RJ 45 and 2nd plug, and I used corresponding chart above to solder the connections because my female lorex corroded within a week when the lorex weatherproof cover failed - so I needed to connect direct and bypass the female end of the lorex camera to the cat5e. The good news is using the diagrams above, everything works perfectly (audio and video) and they are 4K Cameras. Here’s the tip, the wires are so small the best way to get them connected directly or solder them together is to twist them together with the insulation still on them, and put the soldering gun tip on the insulation on both wires at once, and solder them at the same time using this method. The insulation melts, exposes the wires, and solders them solid. IMHO there is no other way since the wires will break when just trying to strip insulation off of them. Thats my give back and thanks to those above for the diagram...it worked flawlessly. Jim
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    My name is Charlie. Due to our location slowly turning into Dodge city I have installed a Konig CCTV system. I have joined to learn more about CCTV so I can help other people in our local home watch association of which I am a member. 76 Yrs but still got a mind
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    Welcome Charlie! Billy in Tennessee here. I'm here to learn modern technology and software.
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