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    Hi. 34ford i think your problem is your hard drive…. If it’s been used for 8 years then it is at the end of its life with your new recorder …Ai -H265-audio-4K it’s a lot of data …. A hard drive of 8 years will look as if a format cleans it up we’re the fact is it does not ….. it only passes by the bad sectors and the more bad sectors make it hard to wright to. You can’t put a hard drive back to original it will always have data on it
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    So it was the power supply that was the issue.
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    Password reset changes at midnight u6d4z20 case sensitive but I guess you don’t have patience to wait for a reply
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    i am new here and would like to say hello to everybody. By theway I am an old motor engineer living in the UK
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    Hi. The problem is the age of your equipment…… your transmitter and receiver are around 18 years old (I have old ones in my lockup) then you will have problems with your usb recorder …. Again too old …. It’s a basic cif recorder. But the problem is if you don’t have the drivers that came with the USB recorder …. The software then again you will be wasting time and money…. You may also have a licence problem when loading onto a pc or laptop by the time you have bought the power supplies you need for all camera and another for each of your transmitter and receiver mall you will end up with is a poor system
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    Awesome to hear you have found a way and solved the issue!
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    Hi all I was able to resolve this issue. The way to fix this is: Get RS232 cable -> usb and connect to laptop. Use putty or similar terminal client on windows, baud 115200. When starting the DVR, hit *** before it boots to the kernel. Then you are in the bootloader software. Then type "eracfg", this command deletes the configuration. When finished, reboot the DVR and it should be factory fresh, and allow setting of new password and setting, NOTE: all settings will be deleted.
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    Hi. There is no update for a unit that old the problem is it’s only D1 system … records 4cif can’t run new cameras and the problem you have is not the software but the hardware
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    Hi. Hikvision from eBay and the likes will end up being a waste of money. Hikvision will not give you any support or supply updates for them to connect to the new hik connect or services plus they are old units on eBay. With that Costco system you will have the same problem as your dad it will not show full res on 4 display. Hi. Your monitor is only for viewing .......2-3-4-5mp is size of res stored footage to your hard drive........ it’s your recordings that’s important not the live view. Take a look at the qvis viper dvr uk based company and it beats the hik and Swann
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    Hi. First question is why ??? …. It’s a 15 year old system …. One of the first h264 systems on the market cameras are proprietary rj45 connection (not network cameras) they are only analog with power and you can’t buy them anymore and can’t use another camera cif recording is old resolution and pointless
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