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  2. KrCCTV

    Samsung GVI versus Samsung Techwin

    Not sure where you get your info Eric but can say unequivocally that you are FOS (wrong). I source cameras from the same factories in S. Korea as TW. Now that isn't to say that they don't produce some product in China now as does most everybody else... (more and more Korean companies are moving production to China as is the rest of the world) but as to your blanket statement you are absolutely wrong. And as to your ridiculous "better machines" statement that's "foolish." You don't think Korean companies moving production to China take their "better machines" and better "QC" with them? Also... couple more items of note: GVI is just the Texas based distributor for Samsung Electronics in the Americas (through 2010: http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=191877&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=913791&highlight= and much of what they sell isn't Samsung anything so you really should separate the two. And finally... take a peak at what Samsung Electronics (SDI - division of) is doing in China - - (manufacturing http://english.people.com.cn/200408/06/eng20040806_152013.html Bad mouthing China isn't going to work for you anymore - - try a new sales technique.
  3. KrCCTV

    Choosing a DVR .!!

    Yeah... like is this for your one business with your own parking lot, or are you a company looking to offer parking payment collection and/or monitoring services to many potential buyers? Totally different animals "product-choice" wise. You want general pictures of vehicles or detailed license plate capture... and what happens with these snapshots? How many points of entry and exit? How many vehicles per hour/day? Want to tie these snapshots together with any other access control information / data? Storage for how long, by whom, and why? Retrieval by whom and how? Who's doing the monitoring - is it local or in another location, by the property owner or by some for-hire group or someone else ? Again... monitoring a single location or many? How many doing the monitoring at once? All the cameras within about 750' cabling distance of a centralized recorder or spread all over the place few and far between? What is the environment like where the recorder(s) will be. Nice and clean and cool and dry or not? Will the recorder(s) be readily accessible locally or in a difficult hard-to-get-to location? Network / Internet access? Available updload speeds in your location(s)? What is the power like? Would you say number of images per second or image quality is most important in your application. Thinking about printing any of these snapshots? Or offloading, ideally on to what and for whom? How often? If reselling this solution do you want your name all over it? Can you make money on a service contract if you need to go out there often? Like I said lots of questions... one leading to the next with different answers to different questions taking us down different paths in different directions - - ultimately leading to a recommendation one way or another. Could go on and on.... but won't. Your turn.
  4. KrCCTV

    Choosing a DVR .!!

    Not to be answering for Thomas but "No, not really" (though it's a step in the right direction). Lots of different considerations, features (and potential drawbacks) to both approaches - dependent entirely upon what you're doing. In fact far too many to list so since you're lookin' for some help (which we all want to give you)... SPILL YOUR GUTS (I mean if it ain't top secret tell us exactly what you are looking to do, why, where, when and for whom - - everythng you can think of - - even trivial details. It will help us help you!). Otherwise well be going back and forth for the next week or two trying to squeeze details outta ya and that's not real productive.
  5. KrCCTV

    Country of Origin

    And how about requiring City and State (for those of us here in the US). To me it seems that knowing where people are makes this so much more "a community," not to mention that it helps so much in trying to help direct others to local assistance. local suppliers, etc. Seems to me that the benefits far outway those of being "incognito" for whatever reason it is that keeps so many from filling out their profiles with at least their "location" info.
  6. KrCCTV

    dvr suggestions.

    Hey I'm giving odds on how long that piezo stays connected Any takers?
  7. KrCCTV

    Professional Installation of a Dome

    Too funny (thanks). Given a little zoom and a little Vegas wind (maybe nothing more than it's own pan-tilt movement) and a viewer might just get a tad seasick huh? Or... maybe it has "image stabilization?"
  8. KrCCTV

    Samsung shc-740 camera

    Just because you see it listed on a US site doesn't mean you can get it (but if you know better...). Point was simply that per the manufacturer it is not currently, and may never be "officially" available in the US (doesn't mean you couldn't possibly get if from someone who is importing it) and it is not on their US distributor price list. I wasn't playing a game... I was simply trying to help. I sincerely apolgize and promise, especially in your case, that I will not do that again.
  9. KrCCTV

    Samsung shc-740 camera

    740 not currently available in US. Source from the UK or sit tight for more info. Might consider model 605 WDR as a lower cost alternative as seen here: [edit by mod:link removed] and discussed / reviewed elsewhere in the forum.
  10. KrCCTV

    Questions and Camera Suggestion

    Lots of good info in those pics - thanks for taking the time. If happy enough with first camera I'd say get another the same. Idea of lighting of ped. area sounds fine but don't think you want a light "on" the gate as it'll likely do more harm than good if light itself is seen by camera. Instead consider a spot shown upon gate area from afar (with light itself out of view of camera - - as always light behind camera). Please, people who do this for a living (that don't just "sell stuff" like some of us), contribute with your "real-world experience" based suggestions.
  11. KrCCTV

    Questions and Camera Suggestion

    Have to say I that I love the smiley bangin' his head against the wall - - that's classic What is your nightime lighting like and where is it coming from? Do you understand that no matter what... without spending significantly more in my opinion, that the camera will be blinded to some extent by incoming vehicle headlights. Anyway first things first... lighting and from where please.
  12. KrCCTV

    Questions and Camera Suggestion

    Maybe their problem isn't that serious... or maybe they're not that serious about solving their problem. Did I ever tell you the one about the guy who bought his mother a discount pacemaker? She wasn't that important to him.
  13. KrCCTV

    Phone line based video setup?

    Unless, of course, they are already paying for service for whatever other reasons and won't incur any additional costs related to necessary bandwidth upgrades or dynamic to static changes or whatever. That's the beauty... if everything was always cut and dry who'd need us.
  14. KrCCTV

    Phone line based video setup?

    Like many things it has it's place. Especially alarm verification which has come to be of special interest in various markets where it's now required before the police come and visit. Oz, for example, has been growing it's business (around POTS) for years just fine (can't count how many "DVR companies" have come and gone in that period). As usual... it all comes down to the application! If your solution is a better fit and/or the cost is significantly more attractive I expect you'll get the order!
  15. KrCCTV

    Questions and Camera Suggestion

    First question is "have you yet used any of what you have (4 channel dvr and one camera) and are you happy with what your getting" (helps us to guide you). Second. Any reason only two cameras on four channel DVR (90 degree view will have some fisheye effect... i.e. edge distortion and everything will look a mile away... then add low light and it might just prove pretty useless - might, at a distance, just see someone/something there but not sure if a person, alien, or dog walking upright. Might be better with a couple of cameras breaking up that scene. Please answer for further suggestions.