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  1. tomcctv

    CCTV only showing black and white

    Wow what a load of crap. If that’s your answer to black and white ..... change job Check how old posts are before you link crap adverts and fill the forum full of your crap
  2. tomcctv

    Protect hdd

    Hi there is nothing wrong with your hard drive. It sounds like you don’t have overwrite enabled so when your hard drive is full it will beep and no longer display ... this is to protect the data on drive. Enable overwrite and it will delete old for new data
  3. tomcctv

    Hik 8mp TVI Camera

    Hi. You will also need to upgrade your recorder to run 4K if your recorder is not compatible with 8mp then check and see what it’s max res is. You might find you can go 4mp
  4. tomcctv

    record video to dvr coaxial ports ??

    Hi. It sounds like your using the the cameras setup bnc to run on your dvr. The problem with that is your not getting full res from your ip camera .... it will only be 960h analog. Your going to turn your post long winded if you can’t list the cameras your using have you bought them new or from a site like eBay used.
  5. tomcctv

    record video to dvr coaxial ports ??

    Hi. Are you also using BNC cameras ? the best way and easy way and cheapest Mia to buy a nvr. How Oe old are your up cameras and what make.
  6. tomcctv

    record video to dvr coaxial ports ??

    Hi. Is your dvr a hybrid ?
  7. tomcctv


    More sales crap
  8. tomcctv


    Why try and sell a crap battery camera .... nothing to do with 24/7 recording a standard ip camera will do the job much better than a crap smart camera
  9. How is it solving the problem spam spam spam. Just crap
  10. Hi. It’s down to the size of the cable (conductor) 23 is best. But this does not matter if your using analog with baluns why use cat6 when cat5 is more than enough
  11. Hi. All pss software sent to your pm.
  12. Hi. It’s available from a number of sites you are using dahua PSS (old version) which is still available you also have the option of using dahua smart pss. (New version)
  13. Hi. Yes .... your camera will only draw what it needs ..... under amp power units will run hot power boxes are usually 1.5 / 2amp per output to each cam which is more than enough for your cameras. Also what it does not allow for in camera specs are power surges...... this always happens for a few seconds when your camera goes from day mode to night mode .... moving filters and switching IR on it’s always best to have more power than what you need.
  14. Hi. Pigtails on 1 power supply always gives problems ..... you only need 1 camera to have a power fault and it’s takes the rest of your system down power supplies are not expensive also distribution box like a 4way would also be a cheaper option
  15. Hi. PM me your address and I will send you some