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  1. Password reset changes at midnight u6d4z20 case sensitive but I guess you don’t have patience to wait for a reply
  2. Hi then it’s not compatible with your nvr it was first produced in 2012 I will PM you
  3. Hi …. I was up there last week ardrossan it looks like your using the old hik (2012) your new camera is not compatible as is out of the box ……. You will need to connecting to a computer and alter its settings out of the box it is h265 and 5mp you need to set to h264 and either 1080p or 720p for it to show on your nvr so in reality it’s pointless running a camera you have to downgrade the settings on is this for home or business use ?
  4. Hi can you check the nvr product number ??? does yours have a DVD hard drive fitted ? we’re are you based
  5. tomcctv


    Hi sorry took so long to get back yes your right about the powerline plugs …. On goes at camera end and the other plugs into nvr (they come in pairs) it saves time and money running cat5 everywere I’ll PM you some links
  6. tomcctv


    Hi Power line plugs are the quickest and cheapest way something like this https://www.argos.co.uk/product/6695749 also another benefit of having one of these at gates (if electric) you can open with your mobile or cars with built in gate openers like a Range Rover (a network adapter is needed ..£20 from Amazon) the viper is not a basic system but only one of a few systems in the uk which is NDAA compliant I will pm you details
  7. tomcctv

    Software to access NVR

    Cameras Poe …… can either be connected cat5 from camera direct to nvr (Poe) if nvr supports poe cat5 from camera to a Poe switch and either then connected to nvr via one cat5 from switch or connected to a router that nvr is also connected too your server port 8000 ……you need to change that to 5550 …. And also change it on your pc software configuration of nvr software
  8. tomcctv


    Hi. With power at gates you can use a normal iP camera and send the data down your existing power supply …. Which is much better than wireless York nice place I am in Chester I would start doing homework on a system called the viper …. Nvr and cameras best remote viewing app works with most cameras I have not had a system fail yet
  9. tomcctv

    Software to access NVR

    Hi. This is a discontinued unit and last support was 7 months ago but that should not stop functions working unless nvr or cameras have had a software update are you Poe camera to nvr or on a network what cameras are you using and one of the main problems with that system was ports….. under network is your nvr using port 8080 …. If so change to 5550 and also change settings on pc application to match.
  10. tomcctv


    Hi. Wi-Fi on standard cctv is useless and never works plus most Wi-Fi cameras (smart cameras) need there own app to work do you have power at bottom of drive ? can you see bottom of your drive from house? what part of uk are you in
  11. tomcctv


    Hi good budget. Are you in a town or village or rural area what area are you in ? but your budget will get you a good system full colour day night cameras and audio what are you looking for in a system
  12. tomcctv


    Hi a budget would be helpful so I can point you in the right direction for equipment what part of the world are you in ?
  13. tomcctv

    H.264 DVR Networking Setup Help!?!?

    Hi getting IR to work through windows never works it just blinds out the camera switching IR off still leaves your IR filter in place unless you have something like a flood light outside of window
  14. tomcctv


    Hi there is always a better option than Swann …. In your case it’s a hikvision/ hi-look buying proprietary equipment is just a waste of money it’s always best to buy a system that is available to use most makes of cameras what is your budget
  15. Hi 48v is the standard for Poe I have used these for over 5 years with no problems at all https://www.amazon.com/BV-Tech-Switch-Ethernet-Uplink-Function/dp/B075G2PM17/ref=mp_s_a_1_2_sspa?crid=UUTI4O9J2LZT&keywords=poe&qid=1697801514&sprefix=poe%2Caps%2C169&sr=8-2-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9waG9uZV9zZWFyY2hfYXRm&psc=1 using this type of Poe gives you more options in the shed for more cameras including ptzs it also gives you options in the future if needing any other networking at the shed or you can just go with a one channel Poe injector for 1 camera but more expensive going that way https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-TL-PoE170S-Injector-Wall-Mount-Certified/dp/B09SXSN3XT/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?crid=1VBD4SFKIBTO1&keywords=poe&qid=1697801857&sprefix=poe%2Caps%2C539&sr=8-4