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  1. tomcctv

    New business need your help

    Going for government contracts before website is built or any regulations are in place like licences. Is not going to help I see you have install prices all over the internet...... 32 way nvr/dvr $12.000 yet you don’t say what equipment your using government is even harder as they now specify equipment
  2. Hi. How are you running cameras ... h264 or h265. Mans is the pc on the same network
  3. tomcctv

    Super live plus

    Do you have access to your recorder ? you either have to make a new administrator password via recorder or by the app .... then delete the old one. Open app click top left. Then click remote settings ... click account and create new one ..... then delete old
  4. From a 4k system to a cheap China controlled box cam
  5. tomcctv

    TVI 16 channel split to 4 tvs

    Hi. Using a 4 way dvr at each monitor
  6. tomcctv

    TVI 16 channel split to 4 tvs

    Hi. It depends on your budget. Yes there are splitters and you will also need converters so if your budget is around 500 to each tv then yes. Or or you can do cheaper easier and better by just using a 4way tvi at each tv for only 60 or 70 your problem is no tv will take a tvi signal .....you have to convert it
  7. tomcctv

    Newbie with lots of questions

    Hi. There are a few HD analog formats..... cvi tvi ahd So without knowing your hd1080 format its hard to recommend a new recorder the safest way so as not to waste time and money ..... I would look at buying a 5 in 1 hybrid dvr. They do all formats and are priced good
  8. tomcctv


    Hi. Can you give more info ...type of recorder .... is this a new install
  9. Hi. I would replace all cables first ..... lead kits are the most common weak points. With you saying a camera will only come on once you connect another to recorder usually means a lost or broken Neutral in cable and it pics it up from the other camera. I would look at cat 5 with baluns first
  10. Hi. Yes it should work direct into power without splitter with what you are describing it sounds like neutral to either video signal or power feed did you use the lead kits that came with your system ...... if you did that’s the place to start. The kits are poorly made and don’t usually have a life time past 2 years
  11. tomcctv

    HD-CVI to AHD or CVI?

    Hi there are some converters but never work well and cost is in the 100s you can pick up 4in1 cameras from $20 and depending on your recorder you could also get better res than your AHD. Cvi is 1mp upto 8mp
  12. Remember what your first post was about. Now you don’t like it. Trust me there is nothing to subscribe too on your YouTube. Take your latest YouTube top 5 ip camera ..... and your number one is ezviz. 1mp just goes to show your startup company does not have a clue in the industry you should also know about the products you sell ...... as of last week anyone buying ezviz or hikvision need there head testing with the new global warming like I said earlier...... the industry moved from 1mp years ago and your new YouTube puts ezviz 1mp at the top of your best list lie to your customers is not a way to start a company you came on this forum asking what was the matter with your YouTube channel......people on your YouTube comments say the same
  13. How does that work ..... your asking me to help you review products. You need to know the product before you can do a honest review. Take two of your videos 1.......I am now taking it out of the wrapping its not a review just taking it out of the wrapping 2.......as you can see the recorder is a rectangler box yes most recorders are People are not interested in the packaging there also not interested in products 4years old. Mid you know nothing of the products then don’t do reviews .... leave them to people that know the products
  14. Hi try this one AFTER 12 o’clock tonight switch your recorder off for 20 minutes then try this code 119088
  15. tomcctv

    Advice on video camera for research

    PM sent