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  1. tomcctv

    BOSCH MIC-550 On pelco P

    Hi. The Micky will run once controller is set to Pelco d or p why are you only using 18v all Micky use 24v
  2. Hi protocol auto ....... have you tried changing that to pelco d on camera and controller..... protocol is important for the right command to your ptz
  3. tomcctv

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    Firewall will protect your inbound there not collecting data .... it’s sending it as soon as connected to internet Ok ... can you post your systems ip and login information for us all to watch you and family..... and is it ok if we all record you and post on the internet
  4. tomcctv

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    Yes ... and like Larry has said dahua is also doing the same ..... but dahua did do a quick fix and now not only hikvision Swann (oem) has also now showing the same problems hikvision equipment and oem cant be used in most high security installs and those that have are being removed.
  5. Hi for 19 try this code eq9Rqqyzz and you enter it into password hope it works
  6. Hi try this code .... only works for today rSQQrqQRrq
  7. Symbols mean network camera loss when you say can see camera on app is that camera been added to the app or direct from recorder so your recorder only has 8 bnc inputs ? what size HD cameras are you using and how many
  8. Hi I think your just making it complicated load app onto a tablet ..... create a user with password for only the two cameras you need then it is just a matter of swiping cam1 then cam2 you can even setup on recorder to send image to tablet when anyone is in field view of any camera
  9. Ok. .... I don’t understand why you can’t mover your camera to 8 ..... but can you configure it to another channel
  10. Hi no need for pictures ..... with XMEye app you have connected to the cloud side which is pointless as it’s not a backup or anything And are you using XMEye for pc as vms and using same login details or scanned the wrong code under guide on recorder menu
  11. hi itv controller still will not work as the output is still AHD so won’t work on monitor you can go to cctv shops but like spec says it is a default AHD .... power down it will go back to AHD also so did you buy the camera for it’s spec ? 2mp
  12. Getting notifications is a worry I think your first option is to remove app and replace it with another .... which one are you using now
  13. Have the cameras ever shown on your recorder how are you connecting the ip camera .... with a switch or from your router
  14. Does your unit have bnc and poe on the back also what ip camera are you using
  15. Yes I see it’s a hybrid ... why can you not move it to 8 also have you clicked on the N with right mouse button to see if gives you options