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  1. tomcctv

    Lack authority message

    Hi govision is a cheap rebadged unit from a crowd in Manchester it could be an old hikvision or a xmeye generic unit do you know which app it used
  2. Menu 3 times …. Turn wheel to right then enter code then pick time date BUT setting time a date at this stage will not allow internet connection 2005 a few software licences have ran out by now ….. this is why I say don’t do date and time dvr and pc must both be in dvr service date ( a time when licences are valid) dvr and pc need to have date set to around 2006 to 2010 2003 to 2009 DVRs need. wave reader On pc to talk with dvr
  3. Your the one that came on to forum to ask questions …… no one’s fault if you don’t like the answers Yes your absolutely right ….. BUT only to 2010 units ….. yours is 2005 so different compression so makes it a proprietary system …….. useless for law enforcement…….. plus only a cif unit no one is going to be interested in a 2005 dvr or even bother wasting money on digital cameras only to use the analog side…… as your unit won’t run modern cameras
  4. On a dvr that is years old 2005 you want to pay for navigator for a 2005 dvr … it does not even have drivers for navigator True Vision Navigator ver. 5.0 2010 & later and only supports cif 2010 ….. your 2005 so not compatible
  5. tomcctv

    Splitting poe camera signal

    Wow a salesman who knows nothing about what he sells …. No wonder you have to spam forums to sell your crap and your bad advice 420 480tvl cameras have not been sold in over 10 years and we now talk mega pixel not tvl your website states business network solutions in Canada ….. yet you can’t answer original post right so you also need to work on that Hi yes it can be done ….. have the switch give camera its iP and use that to call camera to each location
  6. Yes but it’s a 4 channel….. so not success software hardware is 2005 ….. can’t run new cameras on it also uses its own compression don’t take the negative side …. Look at it as not wasting your time
  7. BUT First of all you haven’t done a successful upgrade …… also you can’t upgrade a 20 year old system……. It does not have the hardware for it to upgrade 20 years so your still using proprietary software to play backup (the pro has its own compression) so not comparable with other plays what cameras are you using ?? Again it’s pointless looking for 480tvl cameras to run on it succeeds …….. is the wrong word
  8. tomcctv

    Input for Solar job

    I get mine from the shop
  9. Hi. You would just be wasting your time …. 420 tvl systems finished years ago it would be cheaper to buy a new dvr you can’t burn off to a usable method no internet connection submitting CD to law enforcement is not an option used anymore
  10. Hi it is possible but you will need an encoder which will cost a few 100 so it’s cheaper to just buy another iP camera instead us you willl need the cost of a power supply for your analog camera
  11. Hi. Not going to work just wasting your money…… your note 10 has no way of converting the data to get video….. you would also need the manufacturers app you can get the image that way but only over a network either buy a dedicated iP camera tester …. Which will also power your cameras over Poe or use an old net gear wireless router and a power pack and the app that supports the camera a iP camera is data out ….. don’t get confused with video out
  12. Hi any resolution 2-3-6-8mp can be colour but the more resolution the less effective it is. hikvision have there own data stream H265+ for the iP cameras and once at 6 or 8mp they recommend switching to h265 or h264 ….. h265 is standard in the industry h265+ is hikvision down …. Yet there own cameras proform badly yes you want colour at night ….. no camera will do this for you all cameras like starlight and colour view need a light source the one you have listed has white light built in and must be on all the time at night which gives your camera location away from the start. if you have seen the uk videos you will notice in one of them ….. light is always on at the back of the camera (shadows of trees in pictures) which are behind the camera so the video is very misleading they don’t work in complete darkness
  13. Hi with the part number ….. that is a very expensive fixed lens 4k camera trade prices between £140 and £190….. that is just not worth it. The cost reflects its Ai ability which is pointless for home use….. and also not for commercial….. in uk it can’t be installed in public systems or government locations take a look at TVT much better than hik also one of the best system app that gives you full control over your system remotely also do you need 4K in all your locations …. Same with audio ….. as both will eat your storage up if 4K and audio on every channel how many cameras are you looking at installing Yes your absolutely right lan connection for router connect for remote viewing or logging in with a pc local I am also in the uk
  14. Hi running data over your home network can slow your network down and 4K will 4k nvr POE will not …. As far as networking nvr or alarm …. Use existing lan for nvr and use a tp-link network plugs for alarm (lan over existing house electrics) much cheaper than using switches Not over your network but you can run a cat6 from nvr to main tv and use hdmi adapter for video and mouse control Hikvision is only well known because mass sold by everyone and also China copies… there software is old and they also did a firmware update 8 days ago to incorporate Ai which hik store …… but I already see a problem ….. the camera you list is not a hikvision part number so your buying from unauthorised dealer it depends on your budget and where your based
  15. Hi. Yes you can but could limit you if the recorder is not at same location hikvision would not be my choice there is much better out there your airing cupboard sounds like the ideal place to place your nvr and also will limit your costs as most nvrs are Poe ….. so would only need the lan for router connection ….. you could also run cat6 to main to for viewing and control