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  1. tomcctv

    Remote Playback - extremely slow

    Hi. Not a problem let use know how you get on
  2. tomcctv

    Remote Playback - extremely slow

    Hi check your pm box
  3. Do you have any device with jp Morgan on it
  4. tomcctv

    Remote Playback - extremely slow

    Ok if you scroll down to downloads and click on USA you wil see the firmware you should be running ..... it was a mayor firmware update in March for performance
  5. Hi it is dns you don’t want to enter even delete it. ok we will try another way .... I will send you a new app that works 100% better than xmeye once loaded click on little yellow tv bottom left of screen ... then click the + sign top right Call it home then scan qr code on recorder screen (guide) in menu then admin and password of recorder see if that helps
  6. tomcctv

    Remote Playback - extremely slow

    Can you check your pm does yours look like that ...... also how long have you had it
  7. tomcctv

    Remote Playback - extremely slow

    Ok. We’re are you located ....DS-7208HUHI-K1 and the firmware and build date don’t match were did you buy from
  8. tomcctv

    Remote Playback - extremely slow

    Hi. Under main stream and sub stream you have two data formats in your pictures set H265 in your sub stream that will quicken it up a little but your recorder has a lot of limits .... how many cameras do you have and analog or ip and what MP are they. You should be ok viewing 1 camera at a time the other issue could also be hik-connect server traffic .... try using hiks other app ezviz
  9. Hi. Yes your right nvr is best for a home. If using a pc it’s best having it dedicated to cctv and depending on cameras used you might not be able to use all there functions check pm .... much better than hik and one of the best device apps on the market and it runs most camera if it’s for home use buy it in stages you also learn a lot
  10. Hi. This depends on your budget. mans if for home use or commercial your right about hikvision they are outdated and limited also not worth the money .... cameras are ok but not there recorders we’re are you located and I will send you a list of good suppliers to look at in your area
  11. Everything I have posted is in your manual...... yet you still think there is away around it. and again he can’t use this system in any uk business recording the public look up cif resolution.........usless windows 7 comparable .......not above no apps developed to use on smartphones or devices you can do a Java script but it will only give you a 280x280 image not video so pointless if you don’t understand it is too old for modern day network devices and also too old for uk use as cctv by law.
  12. Clearly this post is spam first apple would not supply a3rd party store that’s not how they do business no clue how to run a store even apple don’t put devises on show to get stolen your cctv link .... why use a crap company for such high value stock you might be better selling fruit and vegetables than electronics
  13. Hi. I don’t understand what you mean about feed. network connection which is data (IP) internet protocol which can be h264 or h265 your recorder will produce mjpeg and jpeg ..... massive file sizes Not used in last 15 -20 years ...... if you have a old windows 7 and a old Nokia phone from 20 years ago you might get it to work windows7 you will need software to see the cameras and connect to recorder which you can’t get for modern devices Your thread is a bit like this. I have a VHS video recorder that I slide a cassette into ..... I want to slide a DVD disk into it instead can you help
  14. Hikvision is far from being best but before you buy any cameras you need to know your recorder spec ......no point buying 4K if recorder does not support them also be careful where you buy from
  15. Hi. You will just be wasting your time Also being in the uk the recorder is also useless as a cctv system if needed footage for court. Most of your problems are going to be software licence on the recorder ..... like the Java licence..... it will have ran out years ago the other problem if using a smartphone... no software would be much easier buying a cheap £40 analog recorder