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  1. Hi. You can’t use admin ...... it is for setup only ..... you need to alter admin password to your own password before you can save try and set a 8 digit password
  2. tomcctv

    HD Failure on Dahua 4 Cam System

    Hi. What happens if you remove the hard drive and then try starting up ?
  3. Since it’s just a rebrand you need to know manufacturer ..... dahua 2015 software might help since they sold the lite version last firmware update was 2017
  4. Hi then firmware will not help. Firmware does not give you the operating software firmware only updates or alters current software
  5. Hi is the recorder working ?
  6. Hi. As good as the axis is your going to have bad night time images it only has a short ir range .... for a sub £1000 camera it should be able to achieve images as you would get with a starlight sensor ( village street lights ) will help with better night images have you thought of using a ptz camera tying to figure out your location Scotland or north Lake District what is your budget
  7. tomcctv

    DAHUA DVR Hacked help

    Hi. Because the software instructs you recorder to connect to China server same issue with hikvision .... that model was designed to do the connection The third party is your recorder P2P even if you did not pick the P2P setup once recorder is connected to the internet it will setup there is a device called the ARM plug which connects to network cable before it enters the recorder which detects unauthorised connection but it depends on your type of business if cost is viable.... are all systems individual customers or a corporate setup what location are you in ? for more about your problem google dahua hikvision ban also dahua botnet hack 2013 to 2017
  8. Hi you could also try using IP address of recorder (external with port forwarding) this misses out hik server
  9. tomcctv


    Hi. Looks like a Xmeye system your image looks more like a format type problem or a pal ntsc problem format type =. Cvi tvi ahd can you go into menu and look for either above click on it and see if all cameras are the same .... should be ahd on some older xmeye systems format type is displayed in bottom left of each camera .... you left click on the box to go though each format see if that helps
  10. tomcctv

    DAHUA DVR Hacked help

    Hi. This will only block whoever has access remotely and given the details both your above options are inbound connection ....... changing ports or passwords or even local Ip change every month or so is good security practice but your units build dates and software has outbound connection built in to software and you have no control over that. other than not connecting units to internet P2P connection is the main problem ..... setup or not by you ..... the units still setup to a China server and that’s the pathway back to your units..... server is we’re the hack starts....... no port needed no password needed dahua have paid a heavy cost over this use of software along with hikvision some of us have had to deal with a lot more than 30 units are all your units at one location or are you talking customers
  11. tomcctv

    DAHUA DVR Hacked help

    I am very familiar with the hack problems I did say your not going to like the answer. It is well documented there is no fix ... it is built into the software. If you still have units working just don’t connect them to the internet. so what technical are you looking for ? can you change software .... no ... only updates but your system is 4 years out of updates last support from dahua 2017 .... this is why they won’t help so what technical information are you looking for on a 7 year old system (2017 last update for 2013 upwards build) also using remote apps and pps.... your system comes to end of life using DMSS as dahua will be removing that app this year .... it’s replaced by DMSS plus.. your unit is too old for the change 2013 to 2017 software build units 1000s got hit ..... not from hack coming into unit .... the unit created the path in and out of your network what answer are you looking for
  12. tomcctv

    DAHUA DVR Hacked help

    Hi. Not what you want to hear but it’s time for a new dvr last update for that version was 2017 ... yours looks like no update since 2015 your also out of date for all the app updates you can’t repair the early dahua systems 2014-2017 the problem is in the units software..... DVRs are not expensive
  13. tomcctv

    24v dc cameras

    Hi. Can you list your components used your post is a little confusing why can’t you use a small Poe switch or injector for a ip camera reason why you can’t find a 24v dc camera is because there all AC or duel 12vdc/24ac nano has two Ethernet port just put one into a standard Poe switch
  14. tomcctv

    QVIS ONY-X DVR Reset

    D1EsLk4792 case sensitive
  15. tomcctv

    Xmeye probing DNS?

    Hi. Your first thing to do is reset everything back to factory ( your router) Factory reset your recorder but don’t connect it to your network till you have your network sorted you don’t need a DNS service if you have a static ip BUT you will also need to get intouch with your internet provider and ask them for a new IP address ..... you need this done before you reconnect your DVR This is what has put your network at risk .... you should never add external IP address to your own network except what your isp provided Using a DNS address found on the internet has and will make your network unsecured DNS xmeye .... is only allowing your network a connection to China server....... people think remote view is connection from smart device too DVR ...... in fact it’s .... smart device —— China server ——DVR