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  1. Hi. How many cameras do you have on the supply ? also still need to know how far power run is. the multi meter is to check the voltage on the BNC at back of dvr for ptz
  2. Ok for over 1amp one fuse needs to be changed and rest of fuses removed how far is ptz from power supply and dvr which bosh are you using ? do you have a multi meter
  3. Ok not a good power supply is this the fuse type or auto reset type (no fuse each channel) are you in the uk
  4. Hi can you turn the power cables red into - and black into + …… only at power supply end also what size is your power supply
  5. Hi that looks like a power problem how are you powering the camera and type of cable you are using
  6. tomcctv

    Picture not clear

    Hi can you list type of cable and baluns if used also power supply type and spec…… is the power run over 100m or local to camera
  7. tomcctv

    Picture not clear

    This can’t be done with listed camera
  8. tomcctv

    Video surveillance using smartphone

    They might do …. But it’s only stupid people who allow it it’s not about turning mobile device into a camera it’s about Faceter collecting data not even associated with mobile into cctv monitoring your web history collecting address book op only wants to monitor his car …. Not give away his life Faceter is a bad app
  9. tomcctv

    Video surveillance using smartphone

    Hi ….. no night vision needs to be done at camera end ….. and using a mobile phone also prevents night vision as it stays colour so can’t even use additional IR lighting as mobile also has no filtering you need to do more home work ……Faceter is a rip-off and you should of also looked at there privacy policy stpre and track your internet usage track mobile location stores your contact list from all devices connected to the same network also have you seen the cost of you getting the footage back
  10. tomcctv

    Verint netDVR-ES

    Hi There is no need to buy packages ….. they do get over priced something like this below is all you need …. Will run your existing cameras for you to get started and then you can change cameras for HD when you need to this unit uses one of the best apps for remote viewing and full control of recorder from anywhere…. You can even download footage direct from any device https://www.amazon.com/TITANIUM-ED8216H5-D-Definition-Ability-Included/dp/B07MWB5WW8/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?crid=3RH9KHBZHQPRL&keywords=titanium+dvr&qid=1655849395&sprefix=titanium+dvr%2Caps%2C192&sr=8-5
  11. tomcctv

    Verint netDVR-ES

    Hi. The good news is you still have working cameras that is an old system … a move up from VHS tape the age of that system would surgest it has had some replacement cameras at some stage over its life time your option is to change the dvr only which means all 16 coax cables going into the recorder you keep and all other equipment you remove as not needed for todays dvr you will also have the expense of buying a new monitor/tv but all I very quick swap out as for cameras they will still work but you can also can replace them for HD analog as and when you need too you will be looking at a replacement DVR 5 in 1 unit what is your budget
  12. tomcctv

    Dc adapter waterproofing

    Hi can you post some pictures….. some homework needs to be done … one problem I see already is Wi-Fi camera at same location as Ham how many cameras are you looking to put on pole
  13. tomcctv

    Dc adapter waterproofing

    Hi. The 511 was discontinued beginning of the year and was not very reliable Also if your installing at height you want something reliable what are you going power adapter instead of the POE option
  14. tomcctv


    Hi Paul. also remember to let your neighbours know it also benefits them my own BlackVue caught a Morrisons food delivery van turn into the street hit a parked car ripped it’s bumper off and damaged wing and door……then drove off still with his mobile phone to his face…… with no one seeing it happen the police could not help ….. I was told about it next day and gave him the footage …. Now not at his expense to repair….. it was the BlackVue footage that gave the driver the extra charge of driving with mobile phone. yes the camera is at your cost but the feeling is good when helping others https://blackvue.co.uk/what-is-parking-mode/ anything with park mode on will fit your needs also you don’t need it fitting ….. it can be fitted by anyone in 20 mins as it comes with fitting tools
  15. http://helpen.dvr163.com/index.php/Common_IPC_firmware