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  1. Hi does the router belong to you ??? Why do you not have access to it …… is the iP camera connected to it. also it’s not that simple to live stream onto a webpage
  2. Hi why bodge a job …… install another cat5 or just use a two way Poe switch ….. they don’t cost alot
  3. tomcctv

    Dahua Android app development

    If you don’t have a clue what your selling no wonder you have to spam you don’t have much time left ???????? why is your spam going to self destruct??? nothig but lies for your company
  4. tomcctv

    Anyone recognise this Wireless CCTV

    Hi that is a China app controlled camera you will need to download the app first AppStore or play store look for YCC365 Plus if it has been registered before you will need to reset camera first …… little pin hole next to sd card slot on top of camera the app will take you though setup
  5. tomcctv

    No bitrate message

    Hi ok that is the no fuse type (auto reset) I have had problems with them in the past and they do start getting weak over time if you don’t have a lot of power cuts then I surgest removing the red and black wires power connection in the power supply for two cameras ….. switch all back on and then reconnect the two wire in power supply while still on the power supply is just on its limit and when starting 16 cameras at the same time it struggles removing two cameras first gets past this problem were are you located
  6. tomcctv

    No bitrate message

    Hi this sounds like you have a power supplier problem for the cameras do you know what size your power supply is
  7. Hi not on that recorder you can’t …. It does not have the software onboard to enable it or read the camera data DDNS is simple don’t use lorex do a simple port forward but your making no sense or your trying to do something on the cheap (very cheap) if your buying cameras with face vehicle and line …… (recorder does motion ) just spend a little more on nvr instead of trying to bring a 7 year old unit upto date which you can’t do
  8. That depends ….. did your recorder first come with a remote …. Some did for a remote to work a receiver needs to be on from of recorder (you will see on the front there is another way Microsoft usb remote which I have lots of but the run software need to be on your DVRs software which it’s not … I use them for windows machines you could also try. G10s air mouse you will find them on Amazon $10 but if your looking at making the operation quicker than mouse they won’t ….. it just replaces the mouse
  9. Well they’re not full firmware……. There just P2P updates to allow China server when flir sold there stake but again software will also need hardware to make it new ….. if I remember 600 series is only 2mp and only h264 and again why are you taking hikvision ???? Completely different company that’s like asking can I delete my windows 11 off my laptop and install macOS ( the answer is no)
  10. Costco used to sell lorex refurbished units (returns) in your dvr description you say on unit it’s a nr916n on bottom (900 series)yet in screen description it says LNR616 (600 series) lorex did have a big problem in 2017 with 900 series……. Only 3fps not true 4K so all returns were refurbished to 2016 600 series so as far as trying to upgrade your unit there is no firmware as now unsupported it is 7 years old so your unit will not have the hardware for you to update so can’t make it better as far as using hikvision firmware …. Completely different company so will brick it anyway lorex is dahua but again to old to flash as at the time lorex was changing owners
  11. Hi this is the problem with smart cameras use once and can’t reset the reset on camera is only to reset password but you can only get it via the email used to create the account the camera only works on its China server once registered only those credentials can be used people need to understand how these crap smart cameras work
  12. Hi looks like you have a Costco reverb unit started life as a 900 series but now is a 600 series 2016 what is the problem with it
  13. tomcctv

    TD-2716TE-C nv9000 firmware download

    Put in a new fan that system has startup management (self check) how long as it not worked for ? software for viewing is on TVT website under downloads (no firmware) if it’s important data just hand hard drive to police
  14. tomcctv

    TD-2716TE-C nv9000 firmware download

    Hi you won’t find a firmware that unit needs to be working to update the firmware I would look at other problems ….. remove all cameras ….. remover network cable …. Remove hard drive then switch it on and see if you get the wizard startup screen also see if the fan starts up …… unit will not boot if your fan is faulty have you had this system from new ? have you tried using any firmware ? do you know who supplied the dvr ? TVT are hard to get software from I hold the firmware for all NVRs but only a few for DVRs Ai units